Our Lady of Eternal Aid, Querrien, France, 1652

“Our Lady of Eternal Aid”

Querrien is a small village in the northwestern part of France known as Brittany.  On August 15, 1652, Jeanne Courtel, age 12, was a poor shepherdess tending her father’s flock of sheep.  She had been both deaf and mute ever since her birth.  She was reciting her prayers when she was surprised by the sudden appearance of the Blessed Virgin.  Our Lady was holding the Child Jesus on one arm and holding a stalk of lilies in the other.

Blessed Mary had only spoken a few words when Jeanne suddenly realized that she could actually hear her!  The twelve-year old had been miraculously healed.  Our Lady spoke in a sweet voice,

“I choose this place to be honored.  Build for me a chapel in the middle of this village and many people will come.”

Then a dialogue began between the Holy Virgin and the shepherdess.  Mary continued,

“Charming shepherdess, give me one of your lambs.”

Jeanne would have willingly given one to the Lady, but she replied,

“These sheep are not mine; they are my father’s.”

Then Mary replied with these directions,

“Return to your parents and tell them that I require a lamb.”

Jeanne turned to leave, but then turned back and asked Our Lady,

“But who will keep my herd?”

Blessed Mary replied,

“Myself.  I will keep your sheep!”

The little girl returned to her parents quickly – and they were astonished to hear her speak!  Jeanne excitedly told them,

“A Lady came to see me, and she asked me for one of your lambs.”

The father was overjoyed at his daughter’s miraculous recovery and replied,

“Ah, my daughter.  Because this Lady has made you speak, we will give her all the flock.”

Jeanne also related that her father should dig in the nearby pond to find a statue of this Lady that had been buried there for centuries – according to Our Lady.  The father asked his daughter if the Lady had stated who she was?

“She said that she was the Virgin Mary, and we need to build a chapel in the village so many pilgrims will go there to honor her.”

The father responded,

“If this is true, we will ask the bish