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Scutari, Albania / Genazzano, Italy (1467)

With the death of the last great Albanian leader in January of 1467, the Turkish army poured into Albania, occupying all its fortresses, cities and provinces with the exception of Scutari, in the north of the country.  However, the city’s capacity to resist was limited, and its capture was expected at any moment.  With its fall, Christian Albania would be defeated.  Faced with this prospect, those who wished to practice their faith in Christian lands began a sad exodus.  Two men named Giorgio and De Sclavis also studied the possibility of fleeing, but something kept them in Scutari, near the church with the miraculous painting.  In this church the faithful Christians venerated an eggshell-thin fresco of Our Lady which had mysteriously descended from the heavens two hundred years before.  According to tradition, it had come from the east.  Having poured out innumerable graces over the whole population, its church became the principal center of pilgrimage in Albania.  Their great Albanian leader, himself, had visited this shrine more than once to ardently ask Our Lady for victory in battle.  Now the shrine was threatened with imminent destruction and profanation.

picture #1: The eggshell thin picture of Blessed Mary and Jesus
picture #1: The eggshell thin picture of Blessed Mary and Jesus

The two Albanians were torn by the idea of leaving the great treasure of Albania in the hands of the enemy in order to flee the Turkish terror.  In their perplexity, they went to the old church to ask their Blessed Mother for the good counsel they needed.  That night, the Virgin Mary inspired both of them in their sleep.  She commanded them to prepare to leave their country, adding that the miraculous fresco was also going to leave Scutari for another country to escape profanation at the hands of the Turks.  Finally, she ordered them to follow the painting wherever it went.

The next morning, the two friends went to the shrine.  Suddenly, they saw the picture detach itself from the wall on which it had hung.  Leaving its niche, it hovered for a moment and was then suddenly wrapped in a white cloud through which the image continued to be visible.  The painting left the church and floated out of Scutari.  It traveled slowly through the air at a considerable altitude and advanced in the direction of the Adriatic Sea at a speed that allowed the two walkers to follow.  After covering some twenty-four miles, they reached the coast.

picture #2: The two men follow the flying picture across the seas to Italy
picture #2: The two men follow the flying picture across the seas to Italy

Without stopping, the picture left the land and advanced over the waters of the Adriatic Sea while the faithful Giorgio and De Sclavis continued to follow, walking on the waves.  When night would fall, the mysterious cloud, which had protected them with its shade from the heat of the sun during the day, guided them by night with light, like the column of fire in the desert that guided the Jews in their exodus from Egypt.

picture #3: The ancient gates of Genazzano, Italy
picture #3: The ancient gates of Genazzano, Italy

They traveled day and night until they reached the Italian coast.  There, they continued following the miraculous picture, climbing mountains, fording rivers and passing through valleys.  Finally, they reached the vast plain of Lazio from where they could see the towers and domes of Rome.  Upon reaching the gates of the city, the cloud suddenly disappeared before their disappointed eyes.  Giorgio and De Sclavis began to search the city, going from church to church, asking if the painting had descended there.  All their attempts to find the painting failed, and the Romans disregarded these two foreigners with their strange and incredible tale.

Meanwhile, in Genazzano, a charming medieval town about thirty miles south of Rome, financial difficulties had prevented the necessary and urgent restoration of the ancient temple there.  Petruccia de Nocera had been left a modest fortune following the death of her husband in 1436.  Living alone, she dedicated most of her time to prayer and services in the church of the Mother of Good Counsel.  It grieved her to see the deplorable state of the sacred premises of the attached ancient chapel, and she prayed fervently that they would be restored.  Finally, she resolved to take the initiative.  After obtaining permission from the friars, she donated her goods to initiate the restoration in the hope that others would help complete it once it was commenced.

picture #4: The old city of Genazzano where the picture flew
picture #4: The old city of Genazzano where the picture flew

Petruccia, who was already eighty years old, found that her generous offering was scarcely enough to complete the first phase of the new construction of the chapel.  To make matters worse, no one came forth to help.  To her dismay, the building had hardly risen three feet when construction came to a halt due to lack of resources.

On April 25, 1467, the feast day of the city’s patron, Saint Mark, a solemn celebration began with Mass.  It was Saturday, and the crowd began to gather in front of the church of the Mother of Good Counsel.  The only discrepant note in the celebration was the unfinished work of Petruccia’s ancient chapel.  At about four in the afternoon, everyone heard the chords of a beautiful melody that seemed to come from heaven.  The people looked up toward the towers of the churches and saw a white cloud that shone with a thousand luminous rays; it gradually neared the stupefied crowd to the sound of an exceptionally beautiful melody.  The cloud descended on the church of the Mother of Good Counsel and poised over the wall of the unfinished chapel of Saint Biagio, which Petruccia had started.

picture #5: Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel in Genazzano
picture #5: Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel in Genazzano

Suddenly, the bells of the old tower began to ring by themselves, and the other bells of the town rang miraculously in unison.  The rays that emanated from the little cloud faded away, and the cloud itself gradually vanished, revealing a beautiful object to the enchanted gaze of the spectators.  It was a painting that represented Our Lady tenderly holding her Divine Son in her arms.  Almost immediately, the Virgin Mary began to cure the sick and grant countless consolations, the memory of which was recorded for posterity by the local ecclesiastical authority.

picture #6: Inside the church where the picture now hangs
picture #6: Inside the church where the picture now hangs

Shortly thereafter, amazing news came to Rome: a picture of Our Lady had appeared in the skies of Genazzano to the sound of beautiful music and had come to rest over the wall of a church that was being rebuilt.  The two Albanians rushed to find their country’s beloved treasure miraculously suspended in the air next to the wall of the chapel where it remains to this day.  Although some inhabitants found the strangers’ story difficult to believe, careful investigation later proved that the two were telling the truth, and that the image was indeed the same one that had graced the shrine in Scutari for two hundred years.  This miraculous painting had made the incredible journey, carried by the angels, upon the request and direction of the Blessed Virgin as foretold to these two devoted gentlemen.


San Damiano, Italy (1961-1970) “Our Lady Of Roses”

Rosa Quattrini was born January 26, 1909, in Santominto, Italy. Her parents were very devout and pious – especially the father, who had an intense devotion to the Rosary. If he came home late at night, he would wake the children in order to recite the Rosary as a family. The father was a poor farmer and died when she was just two years old. Her three sisters entered religious life into three different Orders. One was a missionary in Brazil; another worked with lepers in Ceylon; the third was a Carmelite. Rosa’s husband, Joseph, was a helpful, good-natured, and courteous man who made sure things kept running smoothly when the apparitions began happening on their property.

After becoming the mother of three children, Rosa developed ill health over ten years and felt like she was going to die one day. She was rushed to the hospital but doctors discovered that she had tumors that were “too far advanced” and had caused other serious complications. They told the family just to take her home to die.

While very ill and awaiting death at home, Rosa was visited by a peasant lady whom her Aunt Adele had allowed to come into the house. This youthful and beautiful visitor, wearing a multi-colored skirt, blouse, and a kerchief over her head, asked for alms for Padre Pio for three candles to light in the church. The aunt replied that they were short in funds to do this and also had a sick relative, but the visitor then insisted upon meeting Rosa. Rosa replied that she had great faith in Padre Pio.

picture #1: Rosa Quatrini, visionary
picture #1: Rosa Quatrini, visionary

When the church bells began ringing the Angelus, the beautiful female visitor asked Rosa to recite it with her. Then she invited her to recite five Our Father’s, five Hail Mary’s, and five Gloria’s in honor of the five wounds of Our Lord and to include Padre Pio in the intentions. After finishing these prayers, the youthful visitor asked Rosa to stand up. Rosa replied that she was too ill to do so – but the lady visitor took her by the hand and Rosa was surprised that she could stand. The visitor then placed her hand on the ailing part of Rosa’s body — and Rosa was instantly cured of all illness.

The mysterious visitor then instructed Aunt Adele to get a glass of water — to which the visitor added three grams of earth from the Holy Land, three dried olive leaves, and a small portion of a blessed candle – and instructed Rosa to drink this at 5:00 a.m. the next morning, coinciding with the beginning of Padre Pio’s Mass. This miraculous cure took

Place on Friday, September 29, 1961, the feast day of St. Michael, the Archangel.

After this, Rosa had a strong desire to visit Padre Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo. A friend helped her to afford nice clothes and some trip money; she hooked up with a pilgrim group to go. Upon arriving at the plaza in front of the church, a lady called out Rosa’s name. Rosa recognized the lady as the same visitor who had called upon her and brought about her healing. The beautiful lady responded, “Yes, I am the Madonna of Consolation of the Afflicted.”

During confession, Padre Pio told Rosa to prepare herself for an important mission; he ordered her to help the sick in a hospital in nearby Piacenza, a city of 100,000 people. Rosa did as he asked and stayed there, helping the sick – even visiting their homes for two years. After that, Padre Pio told Rosa to go home and await a mission from the Blessed Virgin.

On Friday, October 16, 1964, Rosa had a friend visiting her when she got the funny sensation that something was about to happen. Then a voice told her to “go out of the room.” Rosa obeyed and went outside, drawn toward the pear tree near the vineyard. She began reciting the Rosary with her friend. After completing the first decade, a blinding light enveloped the pear tree. In Her first appearance to Rosa, Blessed Mary appeared just over the pear tree. Our Lady indicated that she has made herself known to many but few have heard or heeded Her. She asked for Rosa’s help. However, Rosa insisted that she was too plain, simple, and ignorant – and nobody would believe her anyway!

picture #2: Rosa Quatrini, visionary
picture #2: Rosa Quatrini, visionary

Blessed Mary said, “Do not fear. I will give signs (so that others may believe). I will give you messages, and you must make them known to the world.” She further reassured Rosa that the Virgin would “do everything” as long as Rosa agreed to this mission. The first miraculous sign came in the early fall of that year with the sudden bursting into blossom of that same pear tree where Blessed Mary had appeared. The large mass of white blossoms produced a very strong and sweet fragrance. On September 29, 1967, on the feast day of St. Michael, the pear tree again burst into blossom, and the pilgrims took many pictures. The flowers remained on the tree for many days without hardly any sign of deterioration.

Exactly three years after Blessed Mary’s promise to provide “signs,” she permitted her own image to be photographed over the pear tree. She confirmed this with the following words in her own message given on May 30, 1968:

“Now I will tell you a secret. I will tell you who took the photograph in which My image came out, despite the fact that you do not believe …”

During many of the apparitions the sun would begin to spin or whirl in its orbit and throw out multi-colored shafts of light. At times it would be dimmed to such a degree that gazing at it would not have any ill effect in the least on the eyes. This might last throughout the entire length of time of the apparition. On one occasion it was shaded so much that only a thin ridge of light on the outer section of the sun could be visible, giving the appearance of a glowing ring. The Blessed Virgin requested that photographs be taken during the apparitions. Rosa would sometimes stop the praying of the Rosary for a moment to announce, “Start taking pictures.” Rosa was even told at times which person was to take the pictures.

Many different “signs” were captured in these different photographs (both color and black and white): white glowing crosses in the sky, spinning sun at the intersection of some of these crosses, perfect circles comprised of little light rays or “icicles,” a circle of ten beads, various rays of light, triangles in the sky, horizontal bars or vertical columns of light, image of a monk suspended in the air, or a double sun, etc. Doctor Pierre Weber, a research engineer at the National Office for Study and Research in Air and Space in Paris, together with specialists in different fields of research into space and meteorology, “diligently and very seriously examined the photographs.” After days of examination and debate, they lapsed into silence without a single good explanation for any of them.

Miracle were reported as well. People have been cured of blindness, deafness, paralysis, and other ailments. Others have been converted; thousands have been strengthened in their faith and their resolutions to live more in conformity with the teachings of our Lord. A well next to the pear tree was known to have water with miraculous healing properties. Our Lady had instructed that the well be dug in that spot after the first apparition on October 16, 1964.

picture #3: Our Lady of San Damiano
picture #3: Our Lady of San Damiano

Strong and exquisite fragrances — similar to the aromas that Padre Pio encountered in his church – occurred in Rosa’s chapel and in the waiting room. Sometimes this sweet perfume could be smelled all the way from the house of Rosa to the local church by those on their way to Mass.

The first foreign visitors that arrived on the scene were three cousins of Sister Lucia, the Fatima visionary. However, nobody understood how they could have known about these manifestations or even found this little town of 150 inhabitants about 70 kilometers from Milan.

One should ponder how Rosa could possibly reply so eloquently to the large amount of mail received every day. Considering Rosa’s education and background, it was humanly impossible for her to reply so adequately, quickly, and intelligently to the many complex issues raised by those writing the letters. Rosa would do so by sitting or praying in front of a beautiful statue of Our Lady while listening to her secretary Margherita read each letter. Rosa states that the Blessed Mother would give her the answer, stating it slowly for her secretary so that she could write each “heavenly response” precisely as Rosa heard it given to her.

When observed during an apparition, Rosa appears to be in a trance with her head gazing upward and slow to react to things around her. She only blinks her eyes occasionally. Sometimes Rosa will utter a few words like, “St. Michael has appeared” or “Our Lady has a message for everyone.”

On December 8, 1967, on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, about 2,000 persons were present for this apparition. At least half were from the foreign countries of France, Switzerland, Germany, Yugoslavia, Austria, Ecuador, Canada, and the United States. The sun was seen spinning for over an hour and throwing out multi-colored rays. It was completely darkened with only an outer rim of the sun visible – like during an eclipse. Exactly one year later on the same date, an estimated 10,000 people were now in attendance. Miss Turner from New York was fortunate to see an outline of Our Lady.

picture #4: one of the solar displays with an image on Blessed Mary at the top
picture #4: one of the solar displays with an image on Blessed Mary at the top


February 11, 1967

“Say the Rosary often. Here at my feet promise to say the Rosary. I promise you the glory of heaven. Go often to receive Jesus.”

June 2, 1967

“Use your prayers and the Holy Rosary – which is such a powerful weapon, my children. Say the Rosary and leave all other works which are so useless. The important thing is to save the world.”

June 30, 1967

“Your Heavenly Father loves you and wants to be loved with the recitation of the Holy Rosary. The rosary is the most available weapon you have to save yourselves. Mothers, get your children to pray.”

March 22, 1968

“Make holy hours and say the Rosary a lot because it is a most powerful weapon for salvation.”

October 27, 1968 (from Jesus)

“The Heart of My Mother will triumph, and My reign will come into the entire world. If you listen, you will have an abundance of graces, but if you do not listen to My word, great chastisements will come. … Do not preoccupy yourselves so with material affairs! Time passes quickly – and death approaches. The chastisements are drawing near.”

March 21, 1969

“I cry so much. I have tears of blood which have been brought out by the sight of so many of my children on the brink of the pit. … Pray, my dear children, in these times that are so terrible. Make hours of adoration and of reparation for the serious sins that humanity is committing. In silence you will understand. I am the Mother of Sorrow who goes about so much to console my children.”

picture #5: a vision of Blessed Mary caught on film in the sky
picture #5: a vision of Blessed Mary caught on film in the sky

April 25, 1969

“Jesus is all Love, Jesus is all Mercy. Pray, pray, so that Jesus will have pity. Jesus will console your heart because the times are sad, my dear children. The demon is carrying on a great battle; he is free to do all that he wants up to the point to which the Eternal Father gives him permission. … I am the Mother; I am the Queen; I am the Advocate; I am the Dispenser of Graces; I am the Mother of the Afflicted; I am the Mother of Consolation, and I can give everything to those who come to Me, to all of them.”

May 8, 1969

“I want you to hold your Rosary beads in your hands. This Rosary is the secure port of your salvation. For this I have come upon the earth: I want everyone to recite the Holy Rosary which is the most powerful weapon for saving yourselves, for receiving graces, and for obtaining comfort during the sad hours. Hold the Holy Rosary beads tightly in your hands. Put them around your neck and don’t forget them!”

August 2, 1969

“Often come to me with the recital of the Rosary. Don’t abandon the weapon of the Rosary but keep it tight in your hands since it will bring you safety in every danger.”

August 6, 1969

“If you have Jesus in your hearts and your weapon, the Rosary, in your hands, I will not abandon you. I will always help you and I will give you strength to win every battle.”

August 15, 1969

“Here, near you, I am surrounded by angels, the saints, and with all your guardian angels … Be serene, my dear children, pray, pray, pray and be quiet because the enemy is working havoc. The fights are becoming hard, but you will obtain the victory in everything and through everything because I am the Mother and Co-Redemptrix of everyone. … Pray for all young people so they can blossom in the world and be the model, the example like Jesus was when He was on this earth. I love young people very much. Even My Son, Jesus, was surrounded by young people whom He loved very much. Upon them I am showering many graces, many blessings, and much love and peace for their hearts. Young people, young people, come under My mantle. Draw near to Me because I am the Mother of everyone, the Mother of Love and of Counsel. I am the Advocate, the dispenser of Graces, and I love you very much.”

August 16, 1969

“Promise Me, My children – promise Me to deliver the souls most forsaken from purgatory! You can achieve this by your prayers, by your sacrifices, by reciting the holy Rosary with Jesus in your hearts. … You shall thus deliver many souls! Listen to Me, because they pray for you, they help you and assist you all along your way!”

picture #6: Mother Rosa passes on messages to Pope John Paul II
picture #6: Mother Rosa passes on messages to Pope John Paul II

September 12, 1969

“Pray for everyone, for those that do not believe, for those that do not love Me, and for those that do not want to know Me … that I am the Mother of God … your Mother … that I can save you. Yes, my dear children, always be prepared, always keep your eyes on Heaven and ask for mercy for everyone, for those that offend Me a lot. With prayer and penance you will receive everything. Do not get tired, my dear children. Throw yourselves at My feet and ask for graces. Stay under My mantle where you will always be protected. I call all the world to My feet. I inspire everyone, and I send my guardian angels of Heaven to everyone of the world because I want you all to be saved.”

October 24, 1969

“My dear children, I am here in your midst with many angels and saints. … The Archangel Raphael is the one who stands by Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament along with three cherubim and three seraphim. They stand vigil night and day, and they adore Him, they thank Him, and they love Him. You, too, my children, should go often to the foot of the tabernacle where Jesus really and truly is in the Blessed Sacrament. Knock at the door of the tabernacle so that Jesus will open it, and so He will open your hearts and set them on fire with love for Him. Knock, knock – because Jesus can give you everything, many material and spiritual gifts because Jesus is the source of graces. He is merciful, and He can give you much love, and He can even purify your hearts with love for Him. Go often – go to the feet of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. … Many, many souls are being lost because they do not listen to my motherly word, and because they no longer practice the Holy Rosary.”

November 9, 1969

“I come to this place, my beloved children, to enrich you with graces, with love, with faith, and with great mercy, for I am the Mother of all. I call you night and day to this place, but few among listen to Me. Many mock Me, many joke about Me, many insult Me. … My dear children, I call you. I am here night and day to call you, for I am your Mother, Mother of all – Help of Christians – Help of the Poor – Help of the Needy – of the Afflicted. I come to console you. I am the Advocate – the Dispensatrix of all graces, to those who have recourse to Me. Do not ask for anything but faith and prayer. With faith and prayer you will conquer all and have all, for the Mercy of God will cover you and save you.”

November 28, 1969

“St. Michael will defend you from all danger, but stay united to Me and Jesus – with the Rosary – with Jesus in your hearts! I repeat, the Holy Rosary! Let the Holy Rosary be recited! I have repeated many times that with the Rosary you have the strength to overcome any temptation, every obstacle, or anything that is to come!”

December 6, 1969

“Why are things going so bad in the world? Because they have abandoned the Holy Rosary which I have always announced for centuries.”

January 16, 1970

“It is always the Rosary I present to you wherever I go. By the Rosary you receive so many graces, so much help, so much power. Recite it with faith and love.”

picture #7: A book detailing the experiences in San Damiano
picture #7: A book detailing the experiences in San Damiano

March 26, 1970 (from Jesus)

“May the Holy Spirit enlighten you with His love. That you may understand that My Mother and yours come to save you, that My Mother suffers much for you. She suffered much at the foot of the Cross when I was dying on the Cross. That My blood purifies you and sanctifies you for Heaven. I am the Living Jesus. I want to enter into your heart to inflame it. I want to enrich it with graces – spiritual and temporal graces. Come! Come to the Eucharistic Banquet! Come, and do not delay. I will pardon you. Make a good examination of conscience. Prepare your heart, pure as snow, and I will enter into your heart with much love. Do not think so much of the things of the world! Everything ends. I put you on this earth so that you would come anew into My arms above, where I await you with so much love. Everything passes here below! If you listen, I, beside My Heavenly Father, will lessen the chastisements.”

April 17, 1970

“Hold tightly to Me with your Rosary which is your strength, your sustenance, your defense on this earth, and, above all, at the hour of your death. The Rosary is your most powerful armor.”

May 16, 1970

“Don’t cease praying! Don’t cease. Pray with your Rosary – your armor! I ask you with such insistence. All families should recite the Rosary!”


Perryville, Missouri (2003-present)

In the small town of Perryville on the eastern side of Missouri, about an hour south of St. Louis, something inspirational has been happening every month since June of 2003. It began with a farmer and part-time construction worker named Neal. This humble, hard-working man in his late forties came from a family of eleven children; he had six brothers and four sisters. Neal has lived in Perryville all of his life, attending all 12 years of Catholic school. He has two children from a failed, “Godless” marriage and eight children from his present marriage of the past 17 years.

St. Mary of the Barrens, National Shrine of the Miraculous Medal, Perryville, Missouri, USA
St. Mary of the Barrens, National Shrine of the Miraculous Medal, Perryville, Missouri, USA

His mother was a devoted Catholic who constantly reminded him, “If you don’t have God in your life, you have nothing.” In second grade he wanted to become a priest – and “played Mass” in his basement by rolling out the bread to make the host and using a metallic shot glass of his father’s for the chalice. But, as he advanced into high school, he became distracted by sports, girls, partying, and activities with his friends. By his young adult years, he had strayed far from the Church and is not proud of those days. And his Mom kept reminding him that he did not have God in his life.

Then things began to happen. In 1995, his brother showed him a fascinating picture that he had taken of a nun in a parking lot – and in the sun was the image of a Miraculous Medal! Neal thought that this was amazing. About four months later, a Catholic prayers book appeared on the seat of his truck. Thumbing through it one day, its prayers started triggering memories of his devoted days, years ago, as a young Catholic. But when he came to the “Hail Mary,” he had a vivid flashback to his first Communion. He became overwhelmed, emotionally, realizing how far he had strayed from his Faith. At that moment he began praying the Rosary again on a regular basis.

Inside the beautiful St. Mary of the Barrens parish
Inside the beautiful St. Mary of the Barrens parish

Then, other things began happening. His mother’s religious friends from her prayer circle (whom he had called “Holy Rollers”) started running into him everywhere he went, often giving him a direct message or piece of information about prayer groups, parish missions, or religious presentations. August 11, 2000 will stick in his memory forever; a friend of his became adamant and persistent about his attending a special presentation on Mary at another parish, 12 miles away from his own, on the Feast Day of the Assumption. He had politely agreed to attend several times, knowing that he probably wouldn’t – until his friend took his arm, looked him in the eyes, and insisted one last time. Neal felt God in his actions at that moment – and sincerely agreed to attend. Much to his surprise, his wife easily agreed to attend the event with him at this distant parish.

Strange things began happening to Neal as the anticipated event began. As the speaker began, Neal felt a force pressing him forward and his emotions building within, until he could not hold back the tears any longer – fearing that he would disturb others around him. When he looked up at the speaker, the church appeared “smoke-filled” – and he could only see the speaker and his wife. They both had halos over their heads “just like you see in pictures of the saints.” The more the speaker talked about Mary, the brighter the halos became, until they were as bright as the sun! The light became a full image behind the speaker, and then the image of Mary in this bright light leaned her head forward for Neal to see for the first time in his life. She did not speak, but Neal said,

“She was dressed fully in white, enclosed like in the sun – bright as the sun, yet it didn’t hurt your eyes to look at her. She did not say one word, yet everything became infused and known to me in that moment. Our Lady wants us to know that God is real. And he loves each and every one of you. He has Mercy for each and every one of you, but we have to ask for His Mercy. We also have to live our life according to God’s Will. We have to give ourselves to God. We cannot sit idle. We have to always present ourselves in a charitable, meek gentleness towards each other and even to those we don’t even know. God wants others to see Christ in us.”

Story of the Miraculous Medal in Stained Glass in church
Story of the Miraculous Medal in Stained Glass in church

“St. Joseph was obedient in every way to God. The Blessed Mother wants you to know that Joseph is the role model for men. Wives, be submissive to your husbands in all things. Husbands, love your wives as Jesus loved the Church. God flourishes in such a marriage. The man must bring the church into the home. Honor and respect help keep a balance – along with including God in the marriage.”

In 2002, Neal had an opportunity to go to Medjugorje with a group, but his wife needed to stay home. He felt a great sense of being “homesick” after he arrived and wished that she had been able to come with him. Suddenly, he was calmed by this message,

“While you are here – and whatever I ask you to do from here on, you need to give it your best effort – and all of yourself to others …”

Stunning shrine to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in the church
Stunning shrine to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in the church

Around 7:00 p.m. on the last night there, Neal and a few others decided to make one last trek on the long, rugged path up Cross Mountain, stopping at the various Stations of the Cross along the way. At the fourth station (where Jesus sees his Mother), Neal suddenly was overwhelmed by a strong scent of roses – “so intense that you could almost taste them!” He fell down on the large rocks as if unconscious, but suffered no cuts, bruises, or injuries. He had an intense desire at that moment to be with Mary and Jesus in heaven. He felt like “a million bits of information were being dispersed all at once.” Then he heard Blessed Mary say to him,

“I have much for you to do … Never waste a moment to serve God.”

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in St. Mary's of the Barrens
Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in St. Mary’s of the Barrens

Back in Missouri, in June of 2003, Neal was working in the fields when he again experienced a strong scent of roses and felt that Blessed Mary was nearby. She asked him to begin praying at the Grotto on the 13th of every month for the next 13 months. The grotto that she was referring to happened to be on the grounds of the National Shrine of the Miraculous Medal – right there in Perryville! The Vincentian community of priests resides there – one of whom is Father Oscar Lukefahr, a well-known writer of Catholic educational materials. The church, St. Mary’s of the Barrens, was founded in 1818. The Shrine was built in 1929 to honor Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. The Grotto was built on the beautiful grounds by seminarians during World War I with completion in 1920. The statue of Mary, for a niche high in the rock wall of the Grotto, arrived on August 5 (Mary’s actual birth date!) of that same year.

Neal prayed the Rosary at the Grotto for three months by himself. He placed some of her messages to him, anonymously, in the local paper, potentially for anyone’s inspiration. After the three months, Mary asked him to bring five friends – and stated that a television station would eventually be involved later on. By June of 2004, Neal made it public about what was happening at the Grotto. Sure enough, Channel 12 TV from Cape Girardeau appeared during December of 2004 to do a story about the events at the Grotto for their 10:00 p.m. newscast. When that first 13 months had passed, Mary indicated to Neal that she was pleased with the devotions and prayers taking place at the Grotto – and asked him to keep coming on the 13th of every month, indefinitely.

Prayer Grotto on the grounds of the National Shrine of the Miraculous Medal
Prayer Grotto on the grounds of the National Shrine of the Miraculous Medal

In June of 2013, ten years later, Neal has never missed a month and still receives a message from Our Lady on each occasion. He continues to be faithful and devoted to her requests, never knowing if there will be an endpoint to it all. When asked if it is hard to keep this dedication going, he replied,

“When the Mother of God asks you to do something, you feel compelled to listen!”

Neal describes Our Lady as coming to him in a vision, surrounded by clouds and mist. She wears a long white gown with gold trim and a gold sash. There appear to be stars on her gown, but Neal says that they are actually floating just above her dress and all around her. She has long, wavy, brown hair with a gold crown on top of her head. The crown appears to have dark green emeralds encircling it and twelve little crosses around the top, representing the twelve apostles. She has a blue mantle over her white gown. Neal feels disconnected from everything and everyone else around him when she comes – “I only see Mary.” Sometimes, there are saints or angels with her.

Visionary Neal (on left) prays and awaits the appearance of Our Lady on the 13th of each month since 2003.
Visionary Neal (on left) prays and awaits the appearance of Our Lady on the 13th of each month since 2003.

Neal states that when she comes, he can see her and know exactly where she is without looking around for her. “I don’t know how heaven does that, but that’s what I see.” He says that she will often walk through the praying crowd, blessing them, and hearing their thoughts. At times, she will tell him, “A woman in the crowd is wondering about …(some issue); tell her …(Mary’s reply).” Blessed Mary told Neal this:

“Darkness has filled the earth. If the prayer of St. Gertrude is prayed between each decade in union with the Rosary, a thousand souls will be released from Purgatory for each Hail Mary.”

How the Blessed Virgin appears to Neal during the apparitions.
How the Blessed Virgin appears to Neal during the apparitions.

I had the opportunity to personally visit this Grotto to pray with the group and talk with Neal on May 13 (first Fatima apparition) and October 13 (Fatima’s Miracle of the Sun) in 2013. As a psychiatric therapist, I can attest to Neal’s grounded, sane, and humble manner – free of any obvious disorder or delusions. Some members of the Marian Association attend the Shrine every month. We all have had the experience of “smelling the roses that are not present” and feeling a great peace and unity while praying the Rosary there. Some have captured some fascinating photos of the sun with doves, crosses, and especially rose petals appearing in the photographs.

Perryville is in the diocese of St. Louis; the archbishop and area priests are aware of Neal allegedly receiving messages from Our Blessed Mother. They are accepting of the activities going on at the Grotto but have neither condemned nor officially approved of them at this point in time. Decide for yourself what is happening in Perryville – as it is within driving distance for most of us. Here are just a few of the messages from those visits:

Visionary Neal in ecstasy with the Virgin Mary in Perryville, Missouri
Visionary Neal in ecstasy with the Virgin Mary in Perryville, Missouri

May 13, 2013:

“Our world is full of much darkness. It seems that Evil is prevailing. My people, for those who are faithful to God, who hold true to His Word, those are devoted to my Immaculate Heart, St. Joseph’s Most Chaste Heart, and Jesus’ Most Sacred Heart, you will prevail in everything. Evil will not succumb you. We must remain true to God in all things, living our everyday life for God. You are to be that Torch of Light to others in a world of darkness. You have nothing to fear if you keep your eyes on Christ at all times. You are to reflect the Holy Family. I am calling on all of you to carry that torch of Christ’s light to the whole world.”

“So many wonder what tomorrow may bring. Tomorrow will take care of itself. You just need to live in the present of each and every day. Never deny Jesus. Men, devote yourself to St. Joseph. He was obedient to God in all things; learn this obedience so that you can be good priests of your households. As a good mother I come here each and every month to encourage you, to guide you in wisdom and truth. Learn the true faith of the Church. God will never fail you. God is in control of all things, and He knows all things. He sees the hearts and minds and souls of all of you.”

 Neal shares the messages given to him with the prayer group of 200 people.
Neal shares the messages given to him with the prayer group of 200 people.

“God sees good here. If you saw what your prayers are doing – and the power of your prayers, you would never cease praying.”

Warraq Al-Hadar, Egypt (2009)

Warraq al-Hadar is a small island in the Nile River in the Giza governorate, a part of Greater Cairo. This is a very poor district. December is a Marian month and Nativity Fast on the Coptic Calendar. During this month the Coptic Church celebrates a special Midnight Praise dedicated to the Holy Virgin and the Incarnation.

The apparitions began at the Church of the Virgin Mary and Archangel Michael in Al-Warraq. Hassan, a Muslim neighbor, was sitting at his local coffee shop across the street when he saw a strong light coming from the church around 8:30 p.m. More people on the street began to notice the light and saw a bird circling above the church. Around 2:00 a.m., a vision of the Virgin Mary appeared in her blue and white robes.

Supernatural lights appear around the lighted crosses on dome
Supernatural lights appear around the lighted crosses on dome

Father Dawoud of this same church reports how that first night developed after neighbors began calling the church, worried about why the large crowds were suddenly gathering:

“The phone calls poured in; many people said that they had just seen an apparition of Virgin Mary on the right dome of the church.”

Muslim neighbors were among the callers. A dear friend of Father Dawoud, Haj Rashad, the neighborhood distributor of gas cylinders, filed this report:

“What are you doing here (inside the church), Father? I have just seen Our Lady Mary with my own eyes! Go and see for yourself.”

“At first we thought that a little kid was playing with a flashlight, but then the light intensified and moved from the tree in front of the church entrance up to the right dome. An embodiment of the Virgin Mary could be easily recognized. It stayed there for a while. I have captured the scene with my mobile phone.”

Anba Theodosius, Bishop of Giza, issued this statement:

“On Friday, December 11, 2009, at 1:00 a.m. the Holy Virgin appeared in her full height in luminous robes above the middle dome of church named after her – Virgin Mary and Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church in Al-Warraq. She was described as wearing a pure white dress with a royal blue belt. She had a crown on her head, above which appeared the cross on top of the dome. The crosses on top of the church’s domes and towers glowed brightly with light. Blessed Mary moved between the domes and on to the top of the church gate between its two twin towers. All of the local residents saw her! The apparition lasted from 1:00 a.m. until 4:00 a.m. on Friday. Many cameras and cell phones took pictures. Some 3,000 people from the neighborhood, surrounding areas, and passers-by gathered in the street in front of the church to see the apparition.

Since Friday, the huge crowds gathered in the vicinity of the church have been seeing luminous white pigeons soaring above the church during various times of the night. They also saw a star emerge suddenly in the night sky and travel some 200 meters across the sky and disappear. The huge crowds never stopped singing hymns and praises for the Holy Virgin.”

The scene, as described, along with photos and videos, was broadcast on Amr Adib’s talk show, “Cairo Today” on December 13, 2009. The news spread like wildfire; crowds flocked to Giza to catch a glimpse of Our Lady.

TV reporter provides live coverage during the apparition scene.
TV reporter provides live coverage during the apparition scene.

Bishop Theodosius adds that it is important to investigate the event fully:

“I stayed up all night on Sunday. I saw doves appear suddenly in the sky. They flew in circles in front of the church before they vanished into thin air. They were floating rather like hovering with their wings. It is uncommon for doves to fly at night.”

The event had a different dimension for security forces. Selim, a policeman, pointed out that he had been on duty at the site for seven hours already and did not expect to be relieved for another five hours. Father Dawoud said that the police were exerting a tremendous effort and were being very cooperative. Father Dawoud also praised church neighbors, many of whom allowed visitors to view the church from the roofs of their buildings.

For several weeks, a silent crowd running in the thousands gathered in front of the church, gazing up into the sky in the early morning hours. Whenever the mysterious light appeared over the church tower, the crowd was jolted into a frenzy of astonished cries.

Is that the Virgin Mary standing between the domes?
Is that the Virgin Mary standing between the domes?

Many of the local Muslims did not deny the sightings, but claimed they were hoaxed with laser beams – although no evidence or proof of those claims ever surfaced.

For the Muslim named Rami, it was a different reaction:

“It was her! – with her blue and white clothes.”

Kawkab Munir Shehata, age 39, is convinced of what she saw. In fact, the mother of two says that the Virgin Mary restored the sight that she had lost in her left eye.

“It was about 3:40 a.m. I felt immense pain, which lasted about a quarter of an hour. Then I was ecstatic to find out that I could see clearly. Now, my left eye is even better than my right one.”

Circle is around one of the "glowing birds" in flight among the domes.
Circle is around one of the “glowing birds” in flight among the domes.

By December 22 of 2009, more than 200,000 Christians and Muslims had witnessed the apparitions on the domes of this church in Warraq al-Hadar. Apparition lights in the night sky could be seen several kilometers away from the church. The full silhouette of the Blessed Holy Virgin dressed in a light blue gown could be clearly seen over the domes and between the church crosses. People used their mobile phones to make videos of the apparitions and share them via Bluetooth and on YouTube. These events received wide media coverage in Egyptian newspapers and Arabic TV channels.

For some, the apparition of the Virgin Mary is a response to a recent article that appeared in a periodical published by Al-Azhar University that questioned the foundations of Christianity. Father Fishay comments:

“Maybe her appearance is to bring people closer together. Maybe it will bring about the end of the state of tensions between Muslims and Christians – and an end to extremism. Maybe it will bring back forgiveness like there once used to be in Egypt.”

Maybe it was a sign of hope for Egypt’s Copts, who are 10 percent of the country’s population, and have lived far too long on the margins of society – often victims of violence.

Bishop Theodosius concludes, talking to Al-Ahram Weekly:

“If the sightings continue, a fact-finding committee will be formed to investigate the matter, and they will submit their report to Pope Shenouda III, on which basis he may issue a papal declaration.”

Luminous shape suggests a heavenly figure has appeared...
Luminous shape suggests a heavenly figure has appeared…

According to the International Marian Research Institute in Dayton, Ohio, these apparitions were indeed investigated and officially approved by the Coptic Pope, Shenouda III.

Ternopil / Lishnya, Ukraine (2003-2005)

Apparitions in the Ukraine have taken place in recent times and are similar to other apparitions in the sense that they call us to prayer and conversion and talk about punishment for sins. The apparitions emphasize the great importance of suffering and present interesting information about prophets, who are “created from the Heart of the Lord Jesus and are sent to people in the end times.”

When the Ukraine was one of the 15 Soviet Republics, the Church of the Ukraine was persecuted and many people lost their faith. Before the Second World War, Ternopil belonged to Poland, which is the reason this beautiful town also has a Polish name, Tarnopol.

The first apparitions began on the 13th of June, 2003. A nine-year old girl named Yulia was the recipient of visits from Blessed Mary, Lord Jesus, and Archangel Gabriel over a three-year span. Because these events are so recent and remote, there are not many details yet. What have been passed on already are many of the messages from these alleged visits, still not yet approved by the Church.

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Ternopil
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Ternopil

Blessed Mary, Ternopil, April 5, 2004:

“I see your hearts. But not all who present flowers to this Holy Place have the same love in their hearts. Children, you have great envy – but why? The Mother of God and Her children cannot have envy. They should have only obedience and gladness for their neighbor or brother. Please, be frank in your heart so that your lips and heart speak together in the same manner – and then this child will be Mine. Arrogance, betrayal, debauchery, and unruliness prevent your spiritual ranks from praying with the intention of the Holy Spirit. All people seem to pray only in their own human intention.”

“My sweet children, use time for prayer in this Holy Place every day during the time of Holy Week. You should leave everything behind and be only in prayer in serving God. Children you should know that it is not the food on your tables, but your prayers that are waited on by Christ – only prayers with sacrifices in them.”

“When more than 2,500 true pilgrims come here, you will create a power for change in this Holy Land, which was chosen by God as Holy from the day of creating the World. And now it is chosen as a Holy Place for the saving of the whole world.”

Blessed Mary, Lishnya, April 18, 2004:

“Notify all the people in the world about the good news that Christ was resurrected! He gave us and all the people on the Earth eternal life, but only we must believe everything that is given from Heaven.”

Blessed Mary, Lishnya, August 7, 2004:

“You grow spiritually every day, my sweet children. Beginning with the first day of My appearance here, you have prayed every day in this Holy Place of Mine and My Son, your God Jesus Christ. Every day is like a brick with which you build a Spiritual temple in your hearts. I can be proud of you before the Heavenly Father.”

Blessed Mary, Ternopil, April 12, 2005 (ten days after the death of Pope John Paul II):

“I report to you: your Apostolic Vicar is alive, safe, and sound, in great calmness, in full consciousness, and in great sorrow for his human heart. He is in a great holy prayer for you, Faithful Remnant, which is the threaded stone of the Holy Christ’s Faith today – and for the salvation of all human beings on the Earth. You must understand – that place of concealment of Holy Father Pope John Paul II is in My Immaculate Heart – the Heart of the Mother of the Holy Church.”

Inside the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
Inside the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Lord Jesus, Ternopil, June 8, 2004:

“God will never leave His innocent people – especially when people are roaming and looking for Truth. But God sees that it is really impossible to find it anywhere. But children, you have the Holy Book; there are all of the mysteries and laws in it – which are Holy in God.”

“God’s Truth is Holy through the ages from the time of creating the world. Truth, Honesty, and Holy Law. The Book of God is Holy – it is the Holy scriptures. My children, I announced through the ages that each Word in it is Holy. To add something to it or to take Holy from it is impossible, because sin is deathful and death is to each person.”

“All children of this world, you must be wise. Use this time for your salvation, because it is very short. Do not be amused by the kindness of those who are going to decline – who are sent to you by the devil in order to distract you from your salvation. You have so short a time. All of your savings, accumulated buildings and possessions, reserved for the future for your children – that you planned all for yourselves will be scattered by winds of fire on this sinful earth, which will be devastated by the people.”

“I shall give you the kindness of Grace. I shall give you the road of knowledge, the key to closed gates of the heart. I shall open all gates which are yet closed. I shall cheer up all souls. I shall open blind eyes; I shall open impaired hearing of your ears. I shall kindle by pity neglected souls to sincerely pity for your earthly sin. I shall open the mysteries of Holy spiritual life in Truth – which are not opened yet, to all who will come.”

Lord Jesus, Ternopil, March 19, 2005:

“Open the door in your heart in order that I may come and be there. The key to this door of your heart is Holy Confession and sincere repentance with a great pity of your heart for all the sins of your life on the Earth.”

“My Will is in sufferings for your earthly sins: back-biting, betrayal, your earthly glory, unnecessary self indulgences, the human powerless will, and non-productive life on Earth. You must suffer and ask God about the Grace of patience. That is My Will. But your will is to throw away sufferings and to be in Heaven.”

“For the people of the Earth — those who are in ranks and without ranks – the only way to God is salvation. The way without salvation leads to hell. But elected children have only the way to Heaven. They are children – prophets, who were created by God before the creation of the world. These children are Mine from My Heart. These children don’t have fear for truthful Faith. They are children of Love from My Heart. The luxury of life in this world is nothing for them.”

“A loss of mankind is that sign of Punishment from Heaven in the near future, my people. My children, whoever loves Me, carries his cross in suffering and does not complain, who is exhausted in dirty word from human word, who gives his glory to the Glorification of Great God, who suffers humiliations, who does not find relief – I am with you. I send you sufferings, but I also send you strength, grace, and the quiet in your soul.”

Approaching the altar
Approaching the altar

Lord Jesus, Ternopil, May 21, 2005:

“I entrust you from My Holy Heart, to which you consecrate your sweet heart in every coming day of God’s, to spread all over the world the Majesty of Holy Glory of Our Queen of Heaven and the Earth as Our Protectress and Co-redemptrix of the whole world.”

“People who are filled with the Power of My Holy Will are given the Spirit of My God’s Providence. They are filled with joy of the great Holy Glory of God the Father and of God the Son and of God the Holy Ghost. They are filled with the beautiful aroma of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”

“Hurry to all Holy Places untouched by the devil’s power. Ask and beg for forgiveness.”

Lord Jesus, Lishnya, no date:

“Write this last warning! People will see a big cross. It will be seen by the whole world for seven days.”

Blessed Mary, Lishnya, no date:

“Write this, my golden daughter (Yulia), that the end of the era will begin on Easter after Holy Mass.”

Archangel Gabriel, Lishnya, no date:

“People will see their Guardian Angels and also devils. Those who listen to devils will explode in the atmosphere. But those who listen to their Guardians will be saved.”

Lord Jesus, Lishnya, no date:

“The end of the era will last 13 years. Two comets will fall down to the Earth, one of them to the southern part, and the other to the eastern hemisphere into the ocean. Thirty-seven earthquakes will take place. Sinners will explode in the atmosphere and righteous people will be saved in the Holy Places (where Our Lady appeared) in Lourdes, Fatima, Garabandal, Zakarpattya, and here in Prykarpattya – and also in their own houses.
You must cover doors and windows with white material. During this time, electric power and clocks will not work. Simple candles will not give light. Only candles blessed on the Candlemas Day will give some light. After the end of the era, people will return and believe in God; they will also go to the Church. I Bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

The Virgin Mary of Ternopil, Ukraine
The Virgin Mary of Ternopil, Ukraine

Much more information needs to be gathered about these apparitions and their messages. At this time there has been no official disapproval or any official acceptance yet. But some of these final details from this nine-year old Yulia certainly do match specific details from other messages from Garabandal, El Escorial, and Medjugorje.

Zakarpattia, Ukraine, 2002

On August 27, 2002, two girls from the village of Nyzhne Bolotne (in Western Ukraine) went to a grove to get some water from the spring there. Olenka Kuruts was ten years old, and her friend, Mar’yanka Kobal, was nine years old. Olenka looked up to see a “beautiful lady” standing at some distance behind Mar’yanka. When Mar’yanka first turned around to look, she did not see her. But after she filled her bucket with water and looked around again, she did also see the “beautiful lady,” standing quietly several paces away. Because the lady did not say anything, they became frightened, thinking she might be a witch. The lady was standing on a small cloud adorned with all kinds of flowers, just above the ground. Mary was wearing a white dress with a blue belt and a white headscarf. As the girls took their filled buckets and headed back to the village, the lady on the cloud glided along behind them, escorting them home.

Olenka’s parents disbelieved her story and reprimanded her for wasting time on such foolishness. But Mar’yanka’s father was a priest, so he cautioned the girls to be careful and always make the sign of the cross.

Zakarpattia Picture 1
Zakarpattia Picture 1

Later that same day, the girls headed to pick up Olenka’s younger sister from kindergarten when they saw the lady on the little cloud again. When they made the sign of the cross to protect themselves, the lady was quite pleased and smiled radiantly. Mary then made the sign of the cross in return with her folded fingers. When the girls asked who she was, they were told that she was “The Most Pure Virgin.” On their way home from the kindergarten, the lady appeared again – this time with “two angels” with her. One “angel” was taller than the other. They later learned that these were “guardian angels.” A third angel which appeared in later encounters was identified as St. Michael.

As the children became more accustomed to seeing the Blessed Virgin, they became bolder, asking her many questions. Mary said that she came to promote the authority of the priests among the people, to unite the church, to bring together the Ukrainian people who were separated, and promote more prayer. Mary wanted the children’s parents to go to the spring in the woods to pray, but Mar’yanka’s father, the priest, was reluctant because it did not seem proper. Mary asked – through the children – for the priest to inform the local church authorities of her appearances by telling “the old Bishop Marhitych” first.

Zakarpattia Picture 2
Zakarpattia Picture 2

The bishop was informed and immediately came to their village to question the young girls closely. He wanted to know if she could confirm her identity in some manner to them. The girls replied that when people started praying at the spring in the woods that a confirmation would happen. Therefore, on August 31, 2002, Bishop Marhitych held a religious service at the spring in the woods (known as Jublyk).

Word spread, and soon many pilgrims from all over the Ukraine were coming to this area in hopes of seeing a miracle. A chapel was eventually built there and sightings of Mary happened with others at this place. Some reported that Mary was weeping; others saw the Holy Family. The cross standing in front of this chapel lost its gilding and blood appeared instead. A sample was sent to a laboratory, and tests revealed that it truly was blood (as reported in a May 12, 2004 newspaper). Many people reported that they could look directly at the sun without blinking or injury while at Jublyk. Miracles were reported occurring at the spring of water. Some people smelled incense or roses — despite neither being visibly present. Another reliable report claimed that the sun appeared completely different – “with a circle of different colors” around it.

Zakarpattia Picture 3
Zakarpattia Picture 3

Several weeks after these events first began, Olenka saw a man strangely appear next to the priest during a church service. She whispered to Mar’yanka next to her who noted only the silhouette of a man initially – which then developed into a visual appearance of a tall man with shoulder-length hair and a small beard. Mar’yanka then whispered to her Mom what she was seeing – “the man wore a blue garment with a red shirt underneath … his feet could not be seen as they were hidden by a small cloud.” She described wounds on his hands and that he was very good looking. The girls both reported that he was conducting the service along with priest, making all the same gestures. Wondering if this had been Jesus, they asked the Virgin Mary at her next appearance, and she confirmed that it had been Jesus whom they had seen! They also saw, on another occasion, a man in a brown robe holding a long stick in one hand and a lily in the other. They wondered if this might have been St. Joseph.

There remained many skeptics and doubters who thought the girls must be hallucinating, making it all up, or psychic in ability. But the girls not only were healthy, normal, and active in typical events for their age, but they had no history of any disorders, lying, or fabricating tall tales.

One day, accompanied by eight other children, they went to the spring in the woods where Mary appeared to them again. They invited the other children to kiss the Virgin’s hand or feet. Even though the other children could not see her, when they were guided to where her feet would be and kissed the area, they sensed “a strange warmth” there. On the way home, they all observed a mysterious light following them to their village.

Zakarpattia Picture 4
Zakarpattia Picture 4

On another occasion, Olenka kissed the feet of Christ when he appeared before her – but then felt a sharp pain stab her in the hands, feet, heart, and head. She collapsed to the ground, and the other children had difficulty raising her. She stretched on the ground, spreading her arms out, assuming the position of someone being crucified. Again, she could not be lifted from the ground. A young boy ran back to the village for help, returning with Reverend Atanasy Chiypesh and a watchman. They eventually got her to her home after sprinkling water from the spring on her face. Unable to speak yet, she wrote on paper for her parents that she would not be able to attend school during Lent due to her inability to walk. Rev. Atanasy interviewed her carefully, learning that she had accepted an offer to suffer along with Jesus and not be able to walk until Easter. In a dream at night, the Virgin Mary took her on a cloud, riding to Paradise, Purgatory, and Hell. She was surprised to see bishops and priests in all three places. Mary explained that they were in Hell because they did not really believe in God. Some priests were in Purgatory because they did not listen to the righteous bishops as they should have. The stigmata pains lasted for some time for Olenka, but they are all gone now.

Assiut, Egypt, 2000-2001

Assiut, a city in the southern part of Egypt, was the farthest south that Mary and Joseph had travelled into Egypt. Since mid-August, 2000, the Egyptian city of Assiut has experienced unusual lights, glowing figures and doves over St. Mark’s church – a large Coptic church in the center of Old Town. Hundreds and sometimes thousands prayed, sang, and danced around the church. It was initially suspected that somebody was perpetrating a clever hoax with lasers or a light effects show. But, when the local government ordered the electricity for the entire area to be switched off for one night in order to uncover any deception, the unusual lights returned as bright as ever. Next, the officials evacuated the area from 10:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. each night, but the spiritual lights were stronger and brighter than ever.

A supernatural light appears next to the church dome.
picture 1: A supernatural light appears next to the church dome.

It began at 11:30 p.m. on August 17, 2000, while hundreds of thousands of Copts from all over Egypt were celebrating St. Mary’s Lent. Residents around St. Mark’s church of both Coptic and Muslim faith watched the apparition of the Virgin Mary above the dome and between the two towers until 3:00 a.m. Then again, from 4:00 a.m. until 6:00 a.m. she appeared along with blue-green flashes of heavenly lights and glowing doves. Thousands gathered as the news spread like wildfire. After the officials gave up trying to find any evidence of a hoax or clever light display, the figure of Mary along with incense, celestial lights, and flying luminous doves continued every night from 2:00 a.m. until 6:00 a.m. On one occasion, the shadow of a monk appeared next to Mary.

September 6, 2000: One woman told the BBC that she had seen the Virgin Mary with outstretched hands, and a light emanating from them, accompanied by a smell of incense and large numbers of glowing pigeons.

September 11, 2000: Marcelle Maurice witnessed the apparition of the Virgin Mary every night she came to the church. She saw her with the flashing lights and “big white doves.”

More supernatural lights appear in the sky.
picture 2: More supernatural lights appear in the sky.

Sarwat Hani Marzouk said, “I saw Mary. She was so beautiful, wearing a blue veil. Light was emanating from her hands. Then doves started flying – they were as big as ducks.”

On September 15 – with thousands headed to rooftops for the best views – one eyewitness files this report from his position across from the south side of the church.

Luminous birds create formations in the sky.
picture 3: Luminous birds create formations in the sky.

“The two church towers – especially the south one – were a festive theater of heavenly lights and flying doves for more than four hours! Very amazing! Very touching! Very impressive! Explosions of light come from each of the eight sides of the second level of the tower. Other flashes stem from the left tower, across the roof, ending in the main dome and illuminating the cross above it. Something like a spot of light could be seen inside the center of the cross above the tower – from which a storm of light burst forth. Lights vary in intensity … to a very bright shining light that is so intense that it illuminates the surrounding buildings and faces of the people!! The most touching feature that occurred many times was a burst of light coming forth from inside the dome, passing through the eight columns … From inside that light comes something like doves – seen at first still continuous with the light, then separated in a spark-like fashion to fly for a short distance – then disappear.”

“As for the doves, I could see them in many formations … flying above the church, between the towers – they don’t flap their wings. What is astonishing is that the chest of each dove is luminous like a lamp. They fly and then disappear after a while. Doves continued to fly with the bursts of light for a couple of hours. When you look around, you see the thousands of people over hundreds of roofs or hanging out windows – praying, singing hymns, or applauding.”

October 8, 2000: The dazzling apparition lights continue over the domes and towers of St. Mark’s church, accompanied with miracles of healings being reported.

Strange lights illuminate certain parts of the church.
picture 4: Strange lights illuminate certain parts of the church.

Coptic Pope Shenouda III and His Grace Metropolitan Anba Michael of Assiut followed the apparition events closely with the Coptic Pope confirming the validity of these reports on a visit to the US and Canada that year.

“These apparitions are a message of comfort from heaven – and one of confirmation of the faith of Copts – that heaven is aware of their struggle and is pleased by their perseverance.”

Both British and Egyptian journalists have traveled to Assiut and have seen the amazing lights – but cannot find a source or reasonable explanation for their appearance. Father Labib from the nearby Orthodox Copt Dronka Monastery was excited about the sightings, claiming that when you look for the source of light, you cannot find it.

The unusual lights continue.
picture 5: The unusual lights continue.

“This light is from heaven.”

March 29, 2001: At St. Michael’s Cathedral, strange events there began drawing thousands. It began in the sanctuary at 1:00 p.m. as the Eucharist was being celebrated. Bright lights illuminated the icons in the sanctuary and bathed the Holy Oblations on the altar. This occurred several more times before the Holy Mass concluded at 3:00 p.m. Several members of the congregation were able to photograph these unusual lights. Cell phones texted others and soon thousands were headed toward this church.

That evening, “heavenly lights illuminated the church dome and towers” followed by the appearance of “large glowing doves” flying around the dome. This lasted from 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. at dawn and was seen by thousands who had gathered around the church to watch and photograph the spectacle. The lights and doves appeared every night until a week later on Tuesday, April 4, 2001. As the luminous doves glided overhead, the sounds of thousands chanting prayers and praises filled the streets.

The supernatural lights could become very bright.
picture 6: The supernatural lights could become very bright.

When King Herod had ordered the killing of all children in Bethlehem, the Holy Family had fled Israel and come into Egypt. Assiut is where they spent the longest period of time – six months – and the farthest south that they had travelled.

The Bishop of Assiut confirmed these stories officially on April 6, 2001.

Dong-Lu, China, 1995

Over 30,000 Catholics from the unofficial Church had gathered for Mass on May 23, 1995, at the Dong Lu shrine on the vigil of the Feast of Our Lady, Mary Help of Christians.  There were four bishops of the unofficial Church concelebrating the Mass, and nearly 100 unofficial priests standing in the open field.

Suddenly, during the opening prayer and again during the consecration, the people observed the sun spinning from right to left.  Light rays of various shades of color emanated from the sky.  Participants saw Our Lady of China and the child Jesus in the sky.  The Virgin Mary appeared as a beautiful lady in white, surrounded by light.  They also saw the Holy Family, the Heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit.  The phenomenon lasted about 20 minutes. 

Our Lady of China
Our Lady of China

The Public Security barred all pilgrims from joining anyone on the hill.  The police forced people back into buses and trains without offering any explanation.  Still, as many as 100,000 of the faithful successfully reached the area by finding alternative ways to get there to celebrate the Feast of Mary Help of Christians on May 24, 1995.

An official government announcement forbade anyone from going to the Dong Lu shrine.  The Chinese government mobilized 5,000 troops, supported by dozens of armored cars and helicopters.  They destroyed and leveled that Marian shrine, confiscated the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary and arrested many priests.

However, the picture of Our Lady of China survived and remains intact.  Only a copy of that picture was actually used in the church.  The original picture had been hidden in the wall behind the copy, and this was recovered safely.  It is now in the protective custody of Chinese priests who carry out their activities secretly.

The Cardinal Kung Foundation is promoting the celebration of an annual Mass for the persecuted underground Roman Catholic Church in China.  The Foundation has chosen the Sunday that falls before October 1st as the annual date for this Mass.  October 1st is the National Day of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and also the anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s canonization of the 120 blessed martyr saints of China.

Although the Church has not issued an official judgment of the overall apparitions at Dong Lu, China, Pope Pius XI’s establishment of the church there as an official Marian Shrine constituted implicit approval.


Itapiranga, Brazil, 1994-1998

Edson Glauber, age 22, was a university student studying economics at the time of the apparitions in northern Brazil.  He is a kind, stable, calm young man who demonstrates remarkable balance and good mental health according to Monsignor Rene Laurentin.  The series of reported visits began on May 2, 1994, in Manaus.  Blessed Mary appeared as a “very beautiful seventeen year-old.”  Our Lady told him that she is the Queen of the Holy Rosary.

The visionary, Edson Glauber, in Brazil
picture 1: The visionary, Edson Glauber, in Brazil

She appeared along with Jesus, being held in the arms of St. Joseph, on several occasions.  When asked by Edson why Our Lady chose to appear as a mother with her son, she replied,

“Because I want to show all my children, all over the world, the love of a mother that I have for my son Jesus – and the love of a son that Jesus has for me.  For this I chose to appear as mother and son to represent this love.”

Edson tried his best to portray the image of the Holy Family as well as he saw it.  He describes that their three hearts are gathered on the same level.  The Virgin’s heart is pierced by a cross, radiating light to the heart of St. Joseph, which in turn radiates light to the land and into the heart of the little Child Jesus, in the arms of St. Joseph on the right side of the picture.  All three hearts are in alignment at the same height so that no significance or priority is given to any one person.

Queen of the Rosary in Brazil
picture 2: Queen of the Rosary in Brazil

Our Lady speaks of the consecration to the most chaste Heart of St. Joseph.  His heart appears on his chest, and in his heart there is an “M” with a cross – as if to indicate that the hearts of Mary and Jesus are always together with his.

Edson was given the mission to pray for the young, for their conversion, for peace, and for the world.

Holy Mary speaks to the truth of the apparitions at Ghiaie di Bonate, Italy, where she had introduced herself as the Queen of the Family in 1944 (exactly 50 years earlier!).  Edson had never heard of that place or that visionary before.   But with his spiritual director, an Italian priest, and permission from the bishop of Manaus, the opportunity developed to visit Ghiaie di Bonate in Italy.  While visiting there, Edson learned that apparitions of Mary had indeed taken place and had centered on the importance of the family and family values – just as Our Lady had told him.  The Blessed Virgin insisted upon praying the Rosary and penance to save the world’s problems – which were aggravated by “unbelief.”  Mary had emphasized there the importance of prayer, the Holy Mass, confession, and communion.

Edson Glauber with the Virgin Mary
picture 3: Edson Glauber with the Virgin Mary

Many spiritual fruits of conversion and life changes are attributed to these apparitions.  Thousands of people come every day to Itapiranga to drink the water from the healing fountain.  Some doctors have studied the reported healings there and sent their findings to the Apostolic Prefecture of Itacoatiara.

In her last public apparition on May 2, 1998 (exactly four years later to the day) in Itapiranga, Our Lady warns that she would no longer appear in that place because she had already said what she wanted to convey to the people.  Now it was time to put into practice what she had been telling them to do.

Apparitions continued privately for both Edson and his mother, Maria do Carmo, because Our Lady stated that she wanted to continue to guide them and pray with them for the Church, the world, families, and peace.

The three Sacred Hearts of Mary, Jesus, and Joseph
picture 4: The three Sacred Hearts of Mary, Jesus, and Joseph

In the years, 1998-2000, the Virgin Mary appeared several times to Edson during meetings with groups of young people in Brazil.  Since 2001, Our Lady has appeared frequently on Saturdays during the prayer meeting that takes place in the home of Edson.  In addition to her request to evangelize, Our Lady asked Edson to create a soup kitchen in Itapiranga for needy children.  She also requested that a chapel be built “in memory of the workers who died in the thirties in that region.”  Blessed Mary then requested that Edson bring the healing waters that were flowing at the site of the apparitions to the sick who cannot go there for themselves.  Many conversions and positive life changes occurred after this apparition.

Thousands of people come every day to Itapiranga.  They drink water from the healing fountain.  Some doctors have studied the healings there and then sent their findings to the Apostolic Prefecture of Itacoatiara.

Bishop Jorge Eduardo Marskell remained at a distance from the reported healings and other spiritual fruits – and apparently was also unfavorable of the apparitions, according to Monsignor Rene Laurentin.  But, after five years of general and pastoral verifications, the current bishop of Itacoatiara, Archbishop Carillo Gritti, publicly celebrated Mass in the place of the apparitions.  He also worked to construct a sanctuary.  He interviewed Edson Glauber and his mother, Maria do Carmo, on several occasions.

The full story and all messages contained in this book
picture 5: The full story and all messages contained in this book

On May 31, 2009, Archbishop Carillo Gritti approved the supernatural character of the apparitions in this statement:

“Considering these opinions, testimonies, and developments — and pondering all of this in prayer and theological reflection, everything leads me to finding that there are appearances in Itapiranga of a supernatural origin.” 

** To read more about this apparition and its messages from the Blessed Virgin, obtain the book by Dr. Mark Miravalle, entitled: The Three Hearts / Apparitions of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph from the Amazon.


Barberton, Ohio, USA (1992-1995)

Tony Fernwalt was not a spiritual or holy man. In fact, he had suffered many hardships, including raw poverty, violence, and going to prison. He was not expecting what he experienced on March 10, 1992, as he was doing some cleanup work at St. Jude’s Orthodox Church in Barberton, Ohio. As he climbed the stairs from the church basement where he had been working, he describes:

“I could hear the voice of some young lady that sounded like she was singing – or crying. Then I smelled these roses. I mean the place just reeked of roses. It was so strong … I couldn’t believe it … Then I peeked through the open door of the church, and I saw this lady dressed all in red, standing with her hands open in front of the altar. She was saying over and over, ‘My Son’s Heart is broken.’

I thought, Oh boy! Her kid’s been in an accident or something. Maybe he’s in the service, or sick, or getting a divorce. Anyway, it was none of my business. I shut the door to the basement. I figured to go to the back of the church and not bother her. As I walked past her, she said again, ‘My Son’s Heart is broken.’

She looked like she was from India or some place like that. Long dress, draping veil, funny clothes. Everything was red. When I got to the back of the church, I sat down to rest on an old folding chair. She was right there! It scared me! First thing she says to me is, ‘As you know, my Son is Jesus.’

Tony questions the strange lady
Tony questions the strange lady

That bothered me. I said, ‘Yeah, and I suppose you’re the Virgin Mary.’ I figured she was nuts and belonged in the state hospital, Fallsview or Massilon or someplace like that. I looked at her pretty close.

Then I started noticing the beauty of her. She looked too young to have a son in the service. I looked at her real close now. She looked too tall for her body. ‘Something’s wrong here,’ I said to myself. I started going down from her head, down her whole body, till I got to her feet. They were standing on a mist that was resting on the floor. Her feet were maybe a foot off the floor on the mist! She looked me right in the eye and said, ‘Yes.’ (to his question about being the Virgin Mary)

Something in me told me that this was serious. It gripped me – choked me – I couldn’t breathe. I’m sitting in the chair – I felt like I was dying. I grabbed my neck. She said, ‘Do not be afraid.’ I was scared – but some kind of peace came to me when she spoke. ‘Do not be afraid. You have sinned against God. You have sinned against my Son, and you have sinned against God’s children.’

I knew that I had whipped my kids and my wife. Then she started to tell me about other things I had done. She said that I wanted to be cruel. I figured anybody can look up the court records. It’s all there. Then she said,

‘You need to pray. Pray that people come back to church. Pray that people come back to my Son. Pray for forgiveness. Ask my Son for forgiveness.’

Tony is stunned by the Virgin Mary's presence
Tony is stunned by the Virgin Mary’s presence

Then I started to see my sins unfold in front of me. Only now I wasn’t thinking about how I felt. I could feel how the others felt when I was hurting them. I felt their pain. I even felt their fear. If I hit somebody, I felt the hurt. I could feel their mental and physical pain when I hurt them. She kept asking me to ask Jesus for forgiveness for each thing that I did that I was seeing. She told me things about things I did that nobody ever, ever knew! I thought that I must be dying. I can’t stand this! I didn’t see anything good that I had ever done in my life. Only the bad stuff. And there was plenty of bad stuff. I was kind of mad.

I said, ‘If you are who you say you are, I want to know about the world – things that they say are going to happen.’ We talked about wars, riots, violence in the cities. She said that God does not cause these. We do. She told me about lots of things that are going to happen on the earth. I said to her, ‘I’ve been bad all my life. Why would you care about me? I would have sold your Son for thirty pieces of silver too, maybe less.’

She looked at me – I could see her love for me! She said,

‘No, you are only a child. People will come and teach you love. They will help you to love and understand. I will take you from a Saul to a Paul. I will leave signs to prove that I was here, and believers will come and see and believe.’

She promised that the scent of roses would be a sign. Things would turn gold. The sick would be healed, and weak faith would become strong. She said,”

“My Son wants all people to return to Him. Pray that sinners will be converted. Pray that their hearts turn back to my Son. My Son wants all souls. He does not want to lose even one soul.”

The painting that began weeping afterwards
The painting that began weeping afterwards

The apparitions with Blessed Mary occurred over a one-and-a-half-year timespan beginning on March 10, 1992 and ending on October 18, 1993. Initially, the visionary claimed he saw her in a small Orthodox Church called St. Judes in Barberton, Ohio where a visible sign was left in the form of a weeping Icon. This painting of the Virgin Mary appeared to produce visible tears that brought people to view the painting for themselves. Seven days later, as She had told him that She would do, the visionary was revisited again by the Mother of Jesus. She told him to “kick the dust from his shoes” and seek the Church of Peter. He did not understand what that meant at first but was brought to a Roman Catholic Church in hopes of doing what she asked. The apparitions began to take place inside the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Kenmore, Ohio twice a week for nearly two weeks.

Nine day later, the Cleveland Archdiocese told Catholics not to involve themselves with the so-called “apparitions” and asked the visionary to leave the Church. The small group moved to a field in Clinton, Ohio, and then back to Barberton, Ohio to the backyard of a city councilman for several more weeks. As word started getting out, and more and more people started to come, liability concerns drove them to an open field on Seville Road in Wadsworth, Ohio. Over the entire summer of 1992, and without the protection of a church building, more and more people arrived in rain or shine, to pray in the open field and listen to what were now daily Messages. Then when the weather started turning colder and flooding became a problem because of the wet summer, the visionary and his family moved south to Jefferson County. They began looking for a permanent place to live and ended up settling in Carroll County, Ohio, about an hour and a half south of Akron.

On November 5, 1992, in the city of Carrollton, the visionary and his family were given permission to join Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church where the daily apparitions continued inside the Church. It was at this point that the visionary started to take instructions in the Catholic faith. Property was purchased several miles away in the town of Kilgore, Ohio where the family continues to live to this day. On December 14, 1992, Our Lady told the visionary about a healing stream that would be found on the property that would produce physical, emotional and spiritual healings. There, a shrine in the shape of a cross was begun. On March 10, 1993, the apparitions occurred only twice a week and then on June 1, 1993, the apparitions reverted to Saturdays. The final public apparition occurred on October 18, 1993.

And that’s when the tears had started. They were about at the neck. One was a little bit further down at the neck then the other — one tear was a little higher than the other and streaming down from both eyes. The first reaction, of course, was to think, “Oh my God, no, not here.” A lot of people would be coming to this tiny church; how could it accommodate all those people there?

People started coming there everyday from all over the world, including Paraguay, Albania, Russia, Greece, and Austria. Rosaries, crosses, and medals were still turning gold in color. The painting kept weeping for about three and half weeks. Healings and miracles became common place there. There are so many.

“There are times when someone will have a cross or rosary and you can see it turning gold right in front of your eyes. I remember a three-inch by two-inch wooden cross made of dark wood. From the inside you could see it becoming white pine. Although it was originally mahogany, it was turning from the inside like a thin hair in the middle gradually spreading out over the cross till the whole thing was all white. There are at least four to six people upstairs in the church right now that it has happened to. Eva, upstairs, has had two things turn gold on her. The central message is that God is using all these things to bring us to Him.”

The priest confirms the tears are flowing
The priest confirms the tears are flowing

November 8, 1992
“My Dear Children, many times you may sit and wonder about your life. What should you do from one moment to the next? Each day of your lives you go about very easily. For many, each day is very happy, yet for others, each day is just another day. But, yet, do they stop and wonder why it seems like another day? Did their day begin with prayer? Did their day begin with Mass? Did their day begin with communion? Did their day begin with my Son Jesus Christ? Did yours? Did your day begin with my Son Jesus Christ?”

November 9, 1992
“My Dear Children, do you feel anger? Do you feel at times in your life that things are not right? Is life confusing at times? When you need to talk, who do you turn to? Your Father? Do you turn to your Mother? Do you turn to your brother? Do you turn to your sister? Who do you turn to talk to when problems run deep? Have you talked to my Son Jesus? Have you talked to your priest? How many times did you need someone to talk to but were too ashamed or scared to tell anyone? Why did you not turn to my Son Jesus? Why did you not confide in your priest? They are loving as my Son Jesus is loving. They are human as my Son Jesus is human. They are here to teach you as my Son Jesus would have you taught. They are here because of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Be not afraid to ask your priest to show you the way to my Son Jesus. Be not afraid for they are here to guide you in the Kingdom of God through my Son Jesus. Thank you for listening. God bless you.”

March 31, 1992
“Anthony, remember all churches are holy. Never say anything bad about any church. My Son wants everybody, all people, all faiths: He wants every soul. Remember, my Son is your savior … He died for you.”

November 8, 1992
“My Dear Children, many times you may sit and wonder about your life. What should you do from one moment to the next? Each day of your lives you go about very easily. For many, each day is very happy, yet for others, each day is just another day. But yet, do they stop and wonder why it seems like another day? Did their day begin with prayer? Did their day begin with Mass? Did their day begin with communion? Did their day begin with my Son Jesus Christ? Did yours? Did your day begin with my Son Jesus Christ?”

March 24, 1992
“Anthony, before Confession, you must open your heart to Jesus. You must have a complete and open heart. You must confess all sins with your mouth even the smallest ones. Do your penance. Always remember, a CONSECRATED EUCHARIST IS MY SON’S TRUE BODY, THE WINE IS MY SON’S TRUE BLOOD. Ask My Son to come into your heart, give your heart to him. My Son is now in your body, heart and soul. Remember that He is in your body. Pray after you receive Him and act accordingly. Do not receive the host with unclean hands. Pray for everyone. Pray that people come back to church.” Note: She directed Anthony to read James 4.

St. Jude's church in Barberton, Ohio
St. Jude’s church in Barberton, Ohio

May 15, 1992
“My Dear Children, many questions have been asked about who should say the rosary. The rosary should be prayed by all (all means all Christians). The rosary is a dedicated prayer just like the Our Father, and you should be proud that you say the rosary openly and faithfully. If everyone would pray the rosary on one certain day of the week, through the prayers of the rosary, all things could change in the happenings of the world. Thank you for listening. God bless you.”

April 4, 1992
“Dear Children, abortion not only kills the child . . . it also destroys part of the mother’s conscience forever. Both the mother and the doctor will have to answer to God for her actions. Life, our immortal soul, begins at the moment of conception. The souls of aborted babies go directly to heaven and sit at the throne of God as they are innocent and did not commit this sin.”
She asked everyone to pray for the following:
“Pray for the mothers; ask forgiveness for them. Pray that the doctors will have a change of heart.”
Note: “Take care that you do not despise one of these little ones; for I tell you, in heaven their angels continually see the face of my father.” Matthew 18:10

Tony Fernwalt-- visionary not by his choice
Tony Fernwalt– visionary not by his choice

July 24, 1992
“My Dear Children, I want to tell you that you must realize a few things. Number one: God the Father created all things. Number two: Jesus is the only way to God the Father and His kingdom. I want you to know you must prepare yourselves because you never know when my Son, Jesus, will return. You must always be prepared. But now you must get prepared. Get prepared, get prepared! You must realize these are cries unto all you children for only you will be able to make that decision. My Son came from God the Father to live among the people and look what they did to him. Whose side will you be on when my Son returns? I pray to Him that all of you are on His side, but many of you will not be. You must prepare yourself through prayer. You must soon be ready, for He will come like a thief in the night. He has been knocking on the door for a long time, but soon, he must turn away and go. So, I tell you, get prepared, get prepared, get prepared! Make sure your candle is lit within yourself. Many may laugh at you saying the Lord will not return in your time. It’s been said before. Only God the Father knows when His Son will return, but you must get prepared. Pray that the tribulations are short and that God the Father and God the Son come swiftly and justly. For many of you should not fear when they return. But for many, they do fear. So, I say to you, go to Mass, Confession, Communion, do penance and good deeds. Remember: pray, pray, pray! Intertwine — like a vine — your life with My Son. Pray, Pray, Pray. Get prepared, get prepared, get prepared! For the ones that really love My Son, I want to tell you, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit will protect you when they return. Thank you for listening and God bless you.” Note: “But about that day and hour no one knows, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Matthew 24:36

August 4, 1992
“Dear Children, don’t hold My Son inside of yourself or a small group. You must go out as my Son sent his disciples out and spread his message all over to all people, not to just a few. This way, when all mankind hears of My Son, then the prophecies will be fulfilled. For many of you want to hide My Son within yourself and not share Him with anyone else. How many of you are guilty of this? He gives you everlasting life and He loves you. Why can’t you share His love with others? For the light that shines should be all over in each one of you. Maybe some of you will love each other enough to share that light with the ones that don’t have it yet? Don’t be selfish, for my Son’s life, death and resurrection were for all of you. He was not selfish. So please, follow the examples He has given you.”

“Here is my story on the pictures of Our Blessed Mother. On July 21, 1992, I was on the tractor mowing the field. I had started at about 3:00 pm. I was almost finished mowing at around 5:30 pm when Jon Lombardi and Tony Fernwalt drove into the field and parked near their usual spot. We waved hello to each other. I was mowing down at the south end of the field, so we were probably over 100 yards apart from each other. I was still on the tractor when I saw Tony start taking pictures with a Polaroid camera. He had been doing this quite a bit lately. He told me that the Virgin Mary had said that she would show herself in a picture.

I guess that they had taken several pictures when I drove by to say hi. I got down off the tractor and asked them what they were doing. Tony said they were taking pictures of the sun. I asked if anything had shown up on the them, and they told me that nothing had –and they showed me the blank pictures. Then Tony handed me the camera and told me to try and take one. I asked how he was doing it, and he told me just to point the Polaroid camera at the sun and take a picture, so that is what I did. I gave the camera back to Tony, the picture still in the slot where it comes out. Tony took the picture out and set it on the seat in Jon’s car, and then, he handed the camera to Jon, so he could take a picture too. I told them that I was going to finish mowing and put the tractor away. I would be back to pray the Rosary. By then, Jon had taken a couple more Polaroid pictures and put them in the car, too.

I had walked 20 to 25 yards away when Jon and Tony started screaming for me to come back and look at the picture. I came back, and Jon started showing me the picture that I had just taken. It wasn’t quite finished developing yet but the image in the picture was very obvious to us. Then, either Tony or Jon looked at the pictures that Jon took after the one that I had taken, and Mary had shown herself in these two pictures also. Then things got pretty hysterical. It was quite an event. Jon did think to write on the pictures the date and time that the pictures were taken.

To me, these pictures are a miracle allowed to happen through the will of God. I have shown these pictures to many people. Some believe in the miracle of the pictures, and many choose not to believe. I understand both opinions very well because I was also a very passive participant in my faith for a long time. In previous years, I was shown other pictures from apparition sites from around the world, and I decided that anybody could fake something like that. Obviously, my thinking has changed quite a bit. There is one saying that keeps coming to mind, ‘To those that believe no proof is needed. To those that do not believe, no proof is enough.” (David E. Pfeiffer, Wadsworth, Ohio)

“In August of 1992, I stopped by the field in the afternoon to plant some mums. I met another carload of people who had heard about the Field. Again, remembering all my questions the first time I had arrived there, I patiently answered them and showed them my photo album in the trunk of my car. Before long, I began noticing people starting to arrive for the evening’s apparition and prayers. All at once, a woman tapped me on the shoulder and yelled at me to turn and look at the sun. I looked and then immediately flinched at the absurdity of her command. I thought, “This woman’s crazy, yelling at me to stare at the sun!” But she would not take no for an answer. This time, the woman grabbed my arm, and swung me partly around since my back was facing the sun.

When I turned again, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The sun itself was pulsating like it was going to jump out of the sky. Then it started to spin, then pulse, then spin, then pulse. People were pointing, staring or kneeling in awe as I grabbed my camera to try and record the event. I realized that I couldn’t capture the motion with a 35mm camera, but that was the only camera I had, and I snapped the picture anyway. My tennis partner, who had never been to the field before, stood next to me watching the sun spin and pulse. All he could say was, “Holy cow.”

A woman's rosary beads turn gold in front of everyone
A woman’s rosary beads turn gold in front of everyone

On August 27, 1992, after six months of daily apparitions, the public messages stopped with this last message:
“Dear Children: I have come to you for a while. I have told you many things, yet you did not listen. I came here thinking many of you would turn your soul and life over to My Son, Jesus. I will not give warning to you. I will be silent for a while, then maybe you will understand. I will talk again to you through Anthony on September 30, 1992. Please read and listen to My Son and I thank you for listening. God bless all of you.”

She continued Her daily apparitions to the visionary and on September 30, 1992, a huge crowd waited to hear Her message. At the end of the message, She told us She would send another public message on October l5 and November l5, 1992. Her October l5 message was,
“Dear Children, I call upon all of you to turn your life to My Son, Jesus. Turn your life towards God. Guide one another hand in hand. Many times, you cry out to us. Now I cry out to you, so you may see the Kingdom of God. Satan and his evil are so strong in the world today. I have asked repeatedly throughout the world to fill God’s House to where it is overflowing to the point to which crowds will be standing outside. Many of you must realize I have said before that My Son and I are always with you. Many times, you cry out and we hear. It seems many will gather to hear my words, but yet, they do not want to listen. All of you must pray. I have told you of many things but the greatest thing I can tell you is that I love all of you. Come closer, come closer. Ask Jesus to really take over your life. Ask Him to really make yourself whole inside. Ask Him and let Him know that your will is weak, and ask Him and let Him know that you want Him to control your will, to bring your will into His loving arms. Cry out that you are a sinner and really need to be forgiven. Ask Him to lead you His way and not your way. Cry out! Cry out, my dear children, for the love of God to come upon you. In the beginning, I told you what would happen, and you did not believe. Many say their faith is strong. Many believe their faith is strong but in an instant your faith can be shaken. So how strong is your faith? How strong is your love? You must stand up and be firm, be counted. Glorify God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. I call on you to fill God’s House. I call on you not to be ashamed in public. If you are out eating, say your grace as if you were at home. If you are out and you feel you need to pray, then stop and pray as if you were at home. I call upon you to pray for Pope John Paul II. I call upon you to pray for all the cardinals, bishops, chancellors, priests, sisters and all that believe. You must realize your prayers can change the world. You must realize that love can change the world. God’s love and My Son Jesus’s love changed the world. You, through prayer and love, can change the world. If someone criticizes you or if someone would smack you, what should you do? Do not argue back. Do not fight back, Just show love. My Son could have fought for His life. My Son could have given up and quit. My Son could have walked away. He did not, because of His love for God and you. So, my children, please come forward to God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. How My heart aches to see what is happening throughout the world, and how many are turning away from God. I call on you to show your love back. I call on you to show your true love. Only if the whole world would pray and love; they would just begin to see what the Kingdom of God is really like. My tears are of sadness. I wish they were of joy. My Son’s Heart is broken. Through your praying, through your love and through giving your heart to Jesus, His heart can mend, then mine will mend too. Only each and every one of you can make that choice to mend His Heart and my heart. Many of you have set forth with your life towards My Son. Yes, you have fought many battles within yourself and you have fought many battles outside of yourself and you will continue to fight many battles from the outside for my Son. You know that He will also fight for you. For the ones that do not understand, fighting means persecution for believing in my Son, Jesus. This does not mean physical fighting, this means fighting temptations from Satan. Temptations from many things. What is temptation? It could be politics, greed of money, greed for sex, greed for luxuries, greed for control and one of the most powerful, greed of gossip and greed of excuses, the greed of lying, the greed of hatred, the greed of wantonness. Why don’t you greed for the way they want you to live? I say to you, make “His House” overflowing. Grow in your faith. Be proud that you believe. Yes, I love every one of you for my love is pure, and I was given this pure love from God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. You, too, can be given this pure love. All you have to do is ask and then live what my Son has asked you to do through His words and deeds. Thank you for listening and God Bless all of you.”

August 4, 1992
“Dear Children, you hear the words, “pray, get prepared, conversions” and some of you wonder what I mean. Get prepared means that the light within your soul must be able to shine in the darkness. For my Son will be able to see your light. This will be part of your candle when the days are dark. But you must remember, giving your total life to my Son will make you glow very brightly. You must get prepared, for all prophecies must come true. To pray means that you must ask for help and guidance. This way your life will be able to be intertwined with my Son. You must realize if your life does not intertwine with His, it will be lost. Conversion is something all of you must think of. Don’t hold my Son just inside of yourself or a small group. You must go out as my Son sent his disciples out and spread his message all over, to all people, not to just a few. This way when all mankind hears of my Son then the prophecies will be fulfilled. Thank you for listening. God bless you.”

Other medals and objects turned golden as well
Other medals and objects turned golden as well

July 21, 1992
“Dear Children, I want all of you to realize the true life is through my Son, Jesus. When you need my Son in your deepest hours, you cry out to Him. But, yet, when things are okay for all of you, you forget to cry out for Him. Why? Where does your weakness begin and end in your faith? You should have no weakness . . . just true faith. My Son showed God the Father the faith He wants you to have. Have you really prayed from your soul and heart today? You should pray as though you need my Son Jesus all the time because you really do! Try not to look upon yourselves and think you only need My Son when you need help. Search again as you should look all day for My Son within yourself. Your life should intertwine with Jesus. Pray . . . Pray . . . Pray. Go to Mass, Confession, Communion, do penance and good deeds. Pray that God the Father, and God the Son come swiftly and justly. Pray that when you see my Son, Jesus you will be able to say to Him, I am glad you have come. For many will hide in their darkness. Many will be like the tree that bears no fruit. But remember, the candle that is lit and shines there most is in your soul, for when it is dark that will be the brightest light. There will come a time when only your light will protect you, for it will be the candle within you. So, search out the Kingdom of God through my Son, Christ Jesus, for all of you should stand up with glory to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. For soon, you will not have to worry about the immoral ones. Many of you say, “What date will be that?” But, as I said before . . . no dates shall be given, for if you know a date then you would live only for that date, then upon that date you would fall upon your knees and pray. And please, when you do pray, stop asking for petty things. You should ask that My Son would guide you . . . that’s all you need in your life. Jesus is all you need to be prepared. So, I close by saying, ‘Be prepared . . . be prepared . . . be prepared. Pray! Pray! Pray!’ Thank you for listening. God bless you.”

December 14, 1992
“Anthony, therefore, when you see the flow from the place I have told you, you’ll know that it will be right. But the day the lady slipped and almost fell, it was her faith that brought her to the spring. Even though she was weak, she will be strong. So, from that day forward, the power of the water has been there. Not the power of muscle but the power of faith. Now let My spring flow as all the faith will flow towards My Son Jesus as it will flow toward God, the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. So, prepare for when they flock to the spring. All of you must help for tomorrow the children will know. They will have their signs in the water. They will have their signs in the spring. They will have their God and their hearts once again. Proclaim, so that when you are not here, people will still have faith, still see the flow, and see the Kingdom of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.”

November 14, 1992
“My dear children, blessed are the ones that do no see and believe. Their rewards will be great in the Kingdom of God. How would you feel if your sight was taken from you? Would you believe that someone would help you around? Would you believe that someone would guide you so that if you would fall, they could help you up? Seek the true meaning of blind faith. Ask My Son Jesus to help you and to guide you throughout each day — for one day you may be able to say, ‘I have blind faith.’ Thank you for listening and God bless you.”

November 20, 1992
“My dear children, you think that each day is a gift from God. It is! Many things throughout your life have been gifts. My Son Jesus was and is the greatest gift of all. What gift have you given? Thank you for listening and God bless you.”

The men are stunned that Mary's image appears on film
The men are stunned that Mary’s image appears on film

November 21, 1992
“My dear children, when you look deep inside yourself, what do you really see? Do you see yourself as just a human being? Or do you see yourself as a creation of God? When you look inside yourself, do you see a person with free will, or do you see a person trying to do God’s will? Do you know and understand God’s will? Do you know and understand My Son Jesus’ will? Do you understand God’s love? Do you understand My Son’s love? Thank you for listening and God bless you.”

May 15, 1992
“Dear children, if a child comes to heaven, why do you still feel sorrowful? Praise God because that child is in heaven. Feel no sorrow because all the children are safe. Now have you opened your eyes? I guess not. Why do you feel sorrow at times? Remember you are human; you need to be spiritual. You need to pray for stronger faith. You need to really believe. Poor souls, you are so weak. Don’t you understand that God is love. Seek nothing but God!”

June 5, 1992 (Wadsworth, Ohio)
“My dear children, remember your prayers are to Jesus. But I also intercede for you. Many people think this may be wrong. Many of you criticize other religions. Never criticize anybody else’s religion. I want all of you to pray to ask that My Son Jesus will help you and guide you in the hard times that you may have throughout your life. Many of you are disciples, but many of you only act as disciples. Do not act, be! Many times, I’ve asked and demanded from you to not be weak. Be strong or else you will be divided by doubts. I ask you to humble yourself before God and to accept the guidance that you have received and to pick up My Son’s cross. Thank you for listening. God bless you.”

August 21, 1992
“Dear children, you come to My Son and I with love. But, yet, many of you do not follow what My Son has said about love. If you would read My Son’s words, you would understand. I come with love for you, hoping that, in turn, you will show love to My Son. I come with love for all of you to prepare you for My Son. When He returns, not only do I want you prepared in strong faith and with your life intertwined with His, but I also want you full of love. I have been coming here for just a short while and yet many have not heeded my warnings, so one day, if I show no more, what will the last ones do? All of you are given a chance in life — whether it is for My Son, Jesus or for yourself. It seems like many, though, throughout the world have not chosen My Son. Many travel throughout the world to places where I have come. If only twice that many would come to My Son. He is sad to see the world as it is with sin, anger, lust, greed. His heart is really broken! For sin is greater now than it has ever been. Now is the time to fall on your knees and ask My Son to guide you throughout each day. Have your personal conversion, your private conversion now. Take off your masks, you lonely children, and see the brightness in My Son. I say to you, through Christ Jesus, you may enter into the Kingdom of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Pray, pray, pray, for it will be like a twinkling of the eye, and it will be swift and just and He will come with the Glory of God. He will come with all the angels and the saints. Christ, Jesus, will come again. Thank you for listening and God bless all of you.”

Original polaroid prints of Mary's image in the field
Original polaroid prints of Mary’s image in the field

November 22, 1992
“My dear children … life. As I have told you, life begins at conception. And death, as you know, should come from the hand of God only. The problem is that so many are turning against God. So many think they can choose life or death. So many will argue that life does not begin until birth, and it is okay to end a life. They say that if someone is old or sick, they should have the right to end their life. Many countries throughout the world give you papers to fill out when you are sick where they can let you or someone else end a life. Many will say that all that they do is just, that it is right. The many that have had their lives taken (because they signed a paper), have not realized the harm they have caused in their souls. The world is turning away from God. Many will say things about God and My Son Jesus, to turn you away from them. They will do this by words or actions. What is life like without God? Would you be here? Which way do you plan for your true life? How would you prepare for a stranger? Would you prepare for Him as a king, or would you find a way to turn Him away? Can you prepare yourselves or will you need help? For your decision will be forever. Seek God. Seek My Son Jesus. Seek the priest. Then maybe you can seek inside. Life belongs to God. No one can ever make a decision on death or life, but yet everyday in the world many people do. For they do not follow God. They do not follow My Son Jesus. Will you follow them? Will you shout kill, kill, kill? Would you hold a child in your arms? You must let everyone know and defend to the fullest your faith in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. For no one has the right to choose for someone else, life or death. Are you one of the ones that can make that decision? But then, ask yourself what would have happened if someone chose for you not to have lived. Thank you for listening. God bless you.”

March 15, 1993 (Kilgore, Ohio)
“My dear children, I call upon all of you to bring My Son, Jesus Christ, closer to your hearts and to your lives. The urgency that I have called upon the world is not for just a few but for all. My time has been shortened on my visits to all throughout the world. Soon I will return to the Kingdom of God. I have asked very simple things from all of you children: Mass, Confession, Communion, Penance, good deeds, love one another, love your enemies. Pray, Pray Pray. Get prepared, get prepared, get prepared. How many have really listened? How many have read My Son’s words? Many of you have searched very deeply within yourselves, and you’ve been guided towards God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Many of you suffer daily for My Son Jesus. Many have given their lives for My Son. Many have given their lives up for My Son. Realize the urgency throughout the world. Satan has a hold upon so many children. He is leading them to destruction. Realize Satan can and will deceive many. I call upon you in these times to return to My Son, to return to His most loving and merciful heart. Call upon God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Plead to them for forgiveness. Plead to them for help. I want to ask all of you who truly believe to reach out and help the ones that are weak or have no faith. Ask them if you could help them. Love means many things. Love is not cruel, love is patient. Love is not hurting, love is mending. Love is not fighting, love is peace. Love is not killing, love is healing. Love is not blind, love sees the beauty. Love is not hard, love is gentle. Love is not dark, love is bright. Love is not a stranger, love is known. Love is happiness. Love is warmth. Love is God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. I pour my love upon you and the ones that are not here, for love is free. Through My Son Jesus, He will give you and show you all the purest love you shall ever know. My Son Jesus loves all. His most loving and merciful heart is open to everyone of you. My heart is full of love for all my children which is everyone upon the earth. Search, search, search, for the true love and true light, the true Trinity of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. I close in saying to you my time with you is very short. Soon you must draw on your faith alone. Remember, there will always be someone to help you. Fear not, for when I am gone, I will still be with all of you. But, most of all, have My Son Jesus in you. Conversion is a must. Pray for all sinners. Pray for the world. Pray to My Son, Jesus. Please love one another as My Son loves you. Thank you for listening. God bless you.”

First polaroid print of Mary's image
First polaroid print of Mary’s image

December 11, 1992 (partial)
“Anthony, as I told you in the beginning, woe to the politicians that will be elected for they will be immoral. But woe also to the ones who cast their votes for them. What came to their mind? They thought of riches. They thought it would be better. As it is said, destruction is within oneself. Destruction is the lust of money. Destruction is lack of God. Woe to the ones who do not believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, for they cannot serve God and man. For many will suffer eternally. Many will serve God in the glory of His Kingdom.”

January 22, 1993 (partial)
“Anthony, as of today, you will find all that I have told you will soon start. Your country has truly become immoral and a Godless nation. As your President has signed the papers to legalize the killing of the innocent, there is no one to blame for what will come from this signing. No one to blame but the ones who cast their vote for him. They will also have to worry about judgement. Many talked as if it came from their hearts, but it did not come from their souls. They were for greed. How can anyone sit and listen and do nothing to try to change what has happened? Many will be upset that you speak out against the leaders of your country. Even my Pope John Paul II will speak out. I ask that you rise up again and speak out against the signing. Your country is immoral and godless, for those who say they are with My Son have shied away. The turmoil will soon begin. It will be hard for the faithful. It will be hard for the ones who do not believe also. The storms will be of nature and man. Many have brought it upon your country and the world. Yet, many are afraid to fight back and be heard. They are scared to be seen but they are scared of man. They are scared of man. They will make excuses for why they cannot stand. Their excuses will be forever. Fear no man; only fear God. Those who are afraid of man should think more of being afraid of God. My Son came upon this earth as a human and suffered for each and every one but how many will suffer for Him? Even in the world today, they would crucify Him. They would still spit upon Him, beat Him and kill Him. So, who will stand up for Him? Who will stand up for My Son? You must realize many will say that they will, but they won’t. Many will say that they will do it this way or that way, but they won’t. How will they survive with their souls if they do not stand up for God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit?”

Second polaroid print of Mary's image
Second polaroid print of Mary’s image

August 7,1992 (about Yugoslavia)
“Dear children, I came here to let you know that the way the world is going is not good. If all of you would really pray, you will be able to divert the war that has not come yet — but will soon start as all nations will be involved. I want you all to pray in the weeks and months to come. If your prayers are not strong and sincere, this will happen.”

Patrick’s Miracle (Good Friday, 1993)
We will always remember Good Friday, 1993, as the beginning of a frightening trauma that led to a Blessed miracle. Patrick (13) and his twin brother Michael were playing with friends and BB guns, when Michael accidently shot Pat in the eye. Knowing I was at a church service, they ran to a neighbor’s home. The neighbor drove Pat to the hospital and her husband drove Mike to get me. The ride to the hospital seemed endless as Mike recounted the story over and over through his tears. The panic I felt within was difficult to retain. At the hospital emergency room, they told me they had to call in a specialist and admitted Pat. The specialist reported that he had intra renal and preretinal hemorrhage as well as a choroidal rupture of the retina. Nothing could be done for Pat then because of the recurrent bleeding. They patched both eyes and he had to remain upright (even to sleep) and quiet. Having been familiar with Christ in the Hills and the Healing Spring, we made the trip for water. We began putting the water in his eye and prayed with him. Each time he drank the water, we prayed an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and asked that God’s will be done in our lives. Having been told by the doctor that they probably could save the eye but not his sight, we knew we needed God’s grace, mercy and strength in handling whatever happened. Due to the severity of his retinal and choroid injury, our eye specialist consulted with another specialist. Knowing that Our Blessed Mother was interceding for us and having surrendered the outcome totally to God, we felt at peace. Three weeks after the accident, Pat’s eye was totally healed and his vision returned to normal. We thank God and our Blessed Mother for such a wonderful miracle in our lives. Two specialists examined Pat’s eye, Dr. Fammartino and Dr. Richard L. Fuller. Dr. Fuller of The Perry Eye Clinic who diagnosed that Pat had intrarenal and preretinal hemorrhage as well as a choroidal rupture in the nasal aspect of the retina, wrote to the family after his remarkable healing. “Miracles never cease when one has faith in God and prayers”. Sharon McAllister, Navarre, Ohio
(regarding Patrick McAllister)

Surprised people witness the sun spinning in the sky
Surprised people witness the sun spinning in the sky

June 1, 1993
“Anthony, I ask you to still slowly pull yourself back. Soon, when I am gone, I ask you to read what I have told you. Soon all will have to be dependant on my Son Jesus and His words. Realize that I love you but soon I will be leaving. I call upon all to be strong. I call upon all to pray. Follow My Son. Ask Him to help you, to guide you, to forgive you. I have come to you to prepare many of the children that will come. You, as well as your family, need to prepare spiritually. Soon I will be leaving. Do as I have asked. Do as though it’s been done. I ask you to go to your priest tonight to have him lay his hands and pray over you. Thank you for listening. God bless you.”

On March 26, 1995, Jesus appeared to Tony in Our Lady of the North American Martyrs Church in Barberton. Tony states that when Jesus appears, the tabernacle radiates with light, and His form comes from within the tabernacle. He stands on a cloud of bright light and wears a robe of glowing white. His eyes and hair are brown. Rays of light emanate from the open tabernacle. His messages to Tony emphasize the absolute necessity of sacramental confession:

“People go to confession and do not confess their deepest sins. Unconfessed sins are not forgiven. One day they will be revealed to everyone. Only sins that are fully confessed are totally washed away. They no longer exist. There are those who receive the Holy Eucharist without making a truthful confession or having real sorrow for their sins. This is an even deeper sin.”

“I am truly My Father’s Tabernacle. I am truly your Tabernacle. I am also present, physically, in every tabernacle throughout the world.”

“Listen to the teachings of Pope John Paul II. Read Scripture. Return to church. Pray for the Pope, bishops, priests, and religious. Love your spouse and children. Imitate the Holy Family of Nazareth.”

“Evil grows fast. It is the responsibility of every citizen – not just the government – to help the poor. Love one another. Respect one another. Do not judge one another.”

Patrick McAllister -- a miraculous recovery!
Patrick McAllister — a miraculous recovery!

These apparitions have yet to receive approval.