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Our Lady of the Rosary, San Nicolas, Argentina

“Our Lady of the Rosary”

On September 25, 1983, Gladys Quiroga de Motta (46) was thinking about the approaching spring weather when she noticed her rosary beads were “glowing like molten steel.”  Immediately, she ran to get her neighbors to come see — and they saw the glowing rosary, also!  Word spread, and many groups started praying the Rosary daily.  As Gladys knelt privately one day in her bedroom to pray, the Blessed Virgin was instantly in front of her.  Madonna’s face was radiant and beautiful — her whole figure was glowing with light.  She wore a blue gown and veil. In her arms was the baby Jesus and a large rosary.  Mary only smiled at her, never speaking.  And then, as suddenly as she had appeared, she vanished.  Gladys was stunned, thrilled, and making sure that she was really wide awake.

The visionary, Gladys Quiroga de Motta, in San Nicolas, Argentina
The visionary, Gladys Quiroga de Motta, in San Nicolas, Argentina

When Blessed Mary appeared to her on October 7, 1983, Gladys asked her what she wanted me to do.  Her image faded away and an image of a chapel appeared.  “I understood that she wanted to be among us.”

As the silent apparitions continued over several weeks, it was the sixth visit on October 13, 1983, when Mary finally spoke to Gladys.

“You have been faithful.  Do not be afraid.  Come to see me.  You will walk, hand in my hand, and you will travel a long road.”

By mid-November, apparitions of Mary were happening every day.  Gladys tried to write down every word that she heard from Mary.  On November 17, Gladys actually sprinkled Holy water on the apparition of Mary.  The Virgin responded,

            “Glorious days await you.  You will rejoice in me, my beloved children.”

Our Lady was requesting that a church be built.  On the evening of November 24, Gladys and a small group had walked to the location where Mary had stated that she wanted a church.  As they stood there, a powerful shaft of light pierced the darkness and struck the soil.  The only other witness to this in the group was a 9 year old girl.

On November 26, Gladys asked Her if she would like to be called “Mary of the Rosary of San Nicolas?”

“It must be so.  My wish is to be among you, to cover you with blessings, with peace, with joy, and bring you close to the Lord Our God.  Read Colossians 3:15, 4:15, 2 Corinthians 4.”

On November 27, Our Mother Mary refers to Exodus 25:8 – which reads:

            “They shall make a sanctuary for me, that I may dwell in their midst.”

The significance of this passage is that it contains the instructions given by God to the Israelites for building the Ark of the Covenant by means of which Yahweh would be present to them.  The New Testament and the early Church had consistently understood Mary to be the New Ark of the Covenant, who was the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit and the Bearer of the Son.  The Virgin was restating this ancient teaching.

Message from December 12, 1983:

“Father, deliver us from all evil.  With Your holy wisdom, Lord, save us from all sin.  In the name of all those who love You, Lord, lead us on the right road.  Amen.  Read: Proverbs 2:1-11.  He who says this prayer during nine consecutive days, together with a Rosary, will receive a very special grace from me.”

Message from December 27, 1983:

“All humanity is contaminated.  It does not know what it wants, and it is the evil one’s chance, but he will not be the winner.  Christ Jesus will win the great battle, my daughter.  You must not let yourselves be surprised; you must be alert.  For this reason, daughter, I ask for so much prayer, so much obedience to God.  I say this for the whole world.”

Message from December 29, 1983:

“Speak of my messages, you cannot hide them!  It is your Father’s will!  He would not ask for something that cannot be done, nor say something that could not be spoken of.  Read Matthew 10:26-28, 32-33, Mark 7:14-16.”

How the Virgin Mary appeared to Gladys
How the Virgin Mary appeared to Gladys

Message from January 8, 1984:

“At these moments all humanity is hanging by a thread.  If the thread breaks, many will be those who do not reach salvation … Hurry, because time is running out.”

Message from January 15, 1984:

“My children, do not disobey Christ Jesus, for His pure Heart suffers if He sees you sin.  The Lord wants you to be as perfect as you can.  He does not want anyone to fall into worldly temptations.  My daughter, today open your heart to your neighbor.  Make this known, for it is my will and that of your Father. Amen.  Read 1 John 2:3-6, 17.”

Message from February 25, 1984:

“The Lord will answer those who repent for their bad behavior.  The Lord says, ‘Repent, and I will forgive you.’  The enemy will not advance; the hand of God Our Father will stop him.  When the time comes, He will uproot all evil, purify you, and you will become good Christians.  Glory be to Heaven.”

Message from April 12, 1984:

“In other places where I have appeared, the Lord has been present.  My children, without the hand of God, nothing is possible.  I make you listen to things that you had listened to before, but did not practice.  Now the Lord gives you a new chance.  The answer is in you.  Amen, Amen.  Read 1 Chronicles 22:19.”

Message from May 7, 1984:

“Blessed are those who love peace, because war brings total destruction.  It is horrifying to see that men cannot restrain their impulse of ambition and power.  They do not know how to see where the true sense of life is that can lead them to complete happiness.  Only God can achieve it, and only God has the power of making it possible.”

Message from June 18, 1984:

“Those who offend Christ Jesus are like those who scourged Him and crucified Him.  That is how He feels it.  He suffers offenses and injustices so intensely.  Remember that the God who gives life is the same One who will comfort your sorrow and will grant you the joy of life everlasting.  Amen, Amen.”

Our Lady of the Rosary in San Nicolas, Argentina
Our Lady of the Rosary in San Nicolas, Argentina

During 1984 Gladys suffered painful stigmata or bloody wounds in her wrists, symbolizing the Crucifixion, on certain days of the week.  In November of 1984, Gladys met the new bishop of San Nicolas, Domingo Salvador Castagna, who, in turn, then met with Pope John Paul II to discuss the phenomenon.  By December 2, Mary told her,

“I want people to know that I am coming into the world.  You must strike a medal with my image and my words, Mary of the Rosary of San Nicolas, and on the reverse side, the Holy Trinity with seven stars that would represent the seven graces that Jesus would grant to those who wear the medal.”

Message from December 20, 1984:

“People are unaware of the poison that the evil one places in them, and they let themselves be tempted.  Today, they continue to crucify Christ with that behavior.  That is why the Lord is instructing His children.”

Message from January 11, 1985:

“Tears burn my eyes when I see such coldness in those that I try to save, because I know that if they do not convert themselves, they will go to death.”

Here is her message from June 13, 1985:

“What value prayer has for the Lord, you cannot imagine!  My children, that is why I ask for so much prayer!  Say the Holy Rosary meditating!  I assure you that your prayers will rise like a true song of love to the Lord.”

Message from February 28, 1986:

“You may ask yourselves, ‘Can the Lord forgive those who forget his existence?’  I tell you, yes, my children, the Lord can, because of His great mercy.  But do not take excessive advantage of God’s kindness.  Cling to my mantle strongly, for it will cleanse you and present you pure before the Lord.  Glory be to the Most Holy of Heaven and the earth.  Read Isaiah 29:18-19, 30:18, 21.”

A large celebration honoring the apparitions in Argentina
A large celebration honoring the apparitions in Argentina

Message from March 7, 1986:

“Daughter, the Prince of Evil pours out his venom today with all his might, because he sees that his sorry reign is ending; little is left to him.  His end is near.  Amen, Amen.”

By May 25, 1986, the medal that Mary had described had finally been created, produced, and was now being spread into circulation — just as the Virgin had requested.

Message from October 11, 1986:

“My daughter, the evil one is triumphant now, it is true, but it is a victory that will last briefly.  The Lord is only giving him time, the same time that He gives man for him to return to God.  That is why vices and worldly madness increase every day.  The weaknesses will have to become strengths and in this way will be able to get rid of evil.  As yet, man’s heart is not totally invaded.  Glory be to God.”

Message from February 6, 1987:

“My daughter, in this time, I am the Ark for all your brethren!  I am the Ark of peace, the Ark of salvation, the Ark where my children must enter, if they wish to live in the Kingdom of God.  There is no obstacle for this Mother, and there will be none for the children.”

On April 11, 1987, Bishop Castagna meets again with Pope John Paul II and promises that he will direct a study of the phenomenon happening in San Nicolas, Argentina.

Message from May 10, 1987:

“Do not expect everything from God if you do nothing for Him.  Awaken and return to the Lord.”

Message from September 21, 1987:

“My dear daughter, how sadly lost youth is!  Drug addiction and easy life is the picture the evil one has set for the young!  Sin, committed in very different ways, makes them stray further and further from God!  If only they turn their eyes toward the Mother of God, the Mother will make them find God again.  If only they penetrate the Mother’s Heart will they be able to hear the Lord’s voice.”

October 13, 1987 – The building of the church sanctuary (that Mary desired) begins.

On March 21, 1988, Gladys reports having a vision in which she sees the earth divided into two parts.  One part represents two-thirds and the other part equals one-third.  She sees the Blessed Virgin in the smaller part.  Our Lady then responds to Gladys,

“You are seeing the world half-destroyed.  These rays of light are sent from my heart, which wants to save as many hearts as it can.  My heart is all-powerful, but it can do nothing if hearts are unwilling.  The means to save souls are prayer and conversion.  Every soul must prepare so as not to be imprisoned eternally by darkness.”

Message from Good Friday, April 1, 1988:

“My daughter, it was the blows that started His suffering, then the thorns, the nails, the lance.  It was so painful for me to see Him suffer!  Today, it is the sins, the hurtful words, the atheism.  Yes, again they are crucifying Him; again my heart bleeds.”

"Our Lady of the Rosary"
“Our Lady of the Rosary”

Message from December 8, 1988:

“In these times of so much confusion and so little light in souls, my most pure light will be the one to guide you in the midst of so much darkness.  Many are the children who do not admit that the Mother is the Mediator before the Son; many resist going to the Son through the Mother.  I tell all mankind: I will help you to overcome every uncertainty; this Mother will make your encounter with the Son possible.  For this it is necessary to become little and abandon yourself in My heart.  I assure you, do not doubt.  Preach it, daughter.  Glory be to Heaven.”

Message from December 10, 1988:

“It is not mankind who is abandoned by God, but God who is abandoned by mankind!”

Message from February 17, 1989:

“Now the world must know that the Mother of Christ will overcome Satan, because by her side will be Her Son’s humble ones.”

Message from February 28, 1989:

“For these times, the Lord has marked a sign: The Woman Clothed with the Sun.  She is the hope that the children must grasp.  The Mother has set her eyes on you; set your eyes and your heart on God.”

Message from May 13, 1989:

“My daughter, as previously in Fatima, today my visits are renewed on earth.  They are more frequent and more prolonged because humanity is passing through very dramatic times.  Has mankind not understood that they must be uniquely at the service of God?  If they resist, their souls are going to perish.  Many hearts do not accept my invitation to prayer and conversion.  That is why the work of the devil is growing and expanding.  My dear children, it is only through prayer and conversion that you will return to God.  May He not find your hearts dry.”

Message from May 24, 1989:

“My children, I am the door of Heaven and the help on earth.”

Message from December 7, 1989:

“My children, My Son has charged me with a mission: to be the guide of the souls who truly want to reach Him.  Preach it.”

Gladys also received 68 messages from Jesus.  Here is one from December 30, 1989:

“Before, the world was saved by means of Noah’s Ark; today the Ark is My Mother.  Through Her, souls will be saved, because She will bring them toward Me.  He who rejects My Mother rejects Me!  Many are letting the grace of God pass by in these days.”


Getting ready for Mass with Our Lady of the Rosary
Getting ready for Mass with Our Lady of the Rosary

All in all, Gladys wrote down every one of 1,816 messages given to her by Our Blessed Mother Mary.  She could hardly read or write before the apparitions began, but she was able to document the many messages she received with great clarity and precision

“My children, I ask you for prayers for a soul who is not praying and decreases in love of God.  Let no one pretend to be agreeable to God if he is far from God.  I ask for prayers and the conversion of hearts.  Gladys, pray for my errant children.  Pray so that each heart will permit the love of my Son to enter, so that rebellion may cease.”

News of a miracle healing of a 7 year-old boy on his deathbed detailed how his pregnant mother’s desperate prayers were answered.  His paralysis ceased and an egg-shaped brain tumor began shrinking away to nothing over 3 weeks.  He had been given his first Communion moments before his healing began.

The messages and visits ended on February 11, 1990.  A commission of priests, psychologists, scholarly theologians, and psychiatrists declared that Gladys and her messages were authentic, the healings were both supernatural and real, and her mental state was balanced, healthy, and free of hallucinations.  Bishop Castagna approved the apparitions and began accompanying a monthly procession on the 25th of each month, often accompanied by as many as 100,000 people.

In 2008, a magnificent new church was completed on the 25th anniversary of the first apparition, and 200,000 people attended and passed through it within 24 hours to see it and its new wooden statue of Our Lady of the Rosary.