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Our Lady of Sorrows, El Escorial, Spain, 1980-1992

“Our Lady of Sorrows”
EL ESCORIAL, SPAIN  (1980-1992)

Luz Amparo Cuevas was the mother of seven children and wife of a doorman.  She was a simple woman, working as a maid, who could neither read nor write.  It was Holy Trinity Celebration Day, November 13, 1980, when she had her first apparition of the Virgin Mary.  She lived in the valley of Prado Nuevo where the town of San Lorenzo del Escorial and the famous Escorial Monastery are located.  Born to a very poor family, her mother had died when she was only six months old.  A harsh stepmother sent her out on the streets to sell things with orders not to return until all her wares were sold.  So there were nights that she slept outside, under a tree, or even with snow.  When she was nine years old, she was arrested for begging for food on the streets.  In jail she survived on flour and water.  Despite these hardships, Amparo maintained her great love and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, often asking to go see her mother in heaven.

Luz Amparo Cuevas, wife, mother of seven, and visionary
Luz Amparo Cuevas, wife, mother of seven, and visionary

Her marriage was not easy as her husband struggled with alcoholism and constant unemployment.  She was miraculously healed in Lourdes from a heart disease in 1977. She did not really know how to pray but always invoked Our Lady with childlike mildness, innocence, and a great compassion for others.  Overseen and witnessed by several priests, the multitude of witnesses, along with her simple, generous, devoted nature exclude the possibility of a fraud or pathological illusion.  She experienced 30 apparitions between November 13 of 1980 and April 4, 1992.  She has received over 500 messages during this period of thirteen years.

The Virgin Mary begins making appearances in Spain again
The Virgin Mary begins making appearances in Spain again

“Many souls err, are lost, waiting for somebody to save them.  The sin of impurity greatly offends Our Lord.  A big part of the clergy – that is priests, bishops, and cardinals – are stepping on paths of perdition, and it is because of them that many souls are condemned.”

“The Holy Rosary is my favorite prayer.  We could save the whole mankind with it.  We could end a war with it if we wanted.  You must meditate every mystery a little while praying it.  It is important that you say the fifteen mysteries.  I promise to assist anybody who prays the Rosary when that person dies.”

“They must have reconciliation with God every day.  They must confess and consume the Sacred Host every first Saturday.  It is very important to consume the Host with utmost devotion every month’s first Friday in my Son’s honor.  We must be constant in receiving the Holy Eucharist.”

"Beautiful Lady" -- the Virgin Mary in Spain
“Beautiful Lady” — the Virgin Mary in Spain

“Say prayers for the Pope, the priests, for peace in Spain and the world, and particularly for full conversion in Russia.”

“Pride leads to every other sin in the world.  You must be humble and answer with humbleness every possible offense.  With humbleness you can achieve anything and be less likely to fall into temptation.”

“There will come a Great Chastisement for all mankind – a chastisement the likes of which have never been seen.  If you do not hear me, there will be thousands of deaths, and the church will suffer a great decay.  There will be no work, and a new Great War will come.  The Pope will be martyrized.  You are very near the Last Times.  The judgment over nations is very near.  The Creator’s Day is coming.”

“God the Father will send two very big punishments.  One will include wars, revolutions.  The other one comes from Heaven.  There will be great earthquakes in several nations.  All Earth will be in darkness for three days.  Nothing will be visible.  The air will be unbreathable, and during those dark days, the only light will be provided by holy candles.  The believers must stay at their homes, saying the Holy Rosary and asking God for Mercy.  The punishment will end two-thirds of Mankind.  Nothing will happen to those who are with God and the Virgin.”

The book that details the investigation into these appearances and messages.
The book that details the investigation into these appearances and messages.

“Before the punishment, there will be a warning from Heaven.  Everybody will see it.  It will seem as if the whole world is in flames.  It will last 20 minutes, and many will die because of the shock.  Those who believe in God and the Virgin will fall into a sort of ecstasy.  After the warning and before the punishment, there will be a miracle.”

“My Son will destroy any bad herb, and He will prepare a glorious rebirth in His Mercy’s Time.  Then will come Peace and reconciliation between men, mankind, and God.  He will be served, adored, and glorified.  Charity will shine everywhere.  The new kings will be the right hand of the church.  Gospel will be preached everywhere, and men will live in awe of God.  The Holy Church will be mild, pious, strong, poor, and meticulous in imitating Jesus Christ’s Virtues.”

“Give your Merciful Mother’s messages to all in the world.  You must realize that there are many who still do not know them.”

"Our Lady of Sorrows" -- the Virgin Mary in Spain.
“Our Lady of Sorrows” — the Virgin Mary in Spain.


Dates of Visual Apparitions:

1980:  November 13

1981:  January 15,  May 23,  July 6,  September 25,  October 2, 14, 23,  November 22, December 11, 18.

1982:   January 15,  March 19,  April 2,  July 3,  November 19, 20, 26,

December 4, 22, 25.

1983:  January 14, 22,  February 5,  March 27,  July 20,  November 5.

1989:   February 4,  July 1.

1992:  April 4.

Luz Amparo Cuevas experiencing the stigmata in her bed.
Luz Amparo Cuevas experiencing the stigmata in her bed.

She still receives messages ever first Saturday of each month according to some sources.

The church has not dismissed her experiences and may be waiting to see if the prophecies come to pass before validating her experiences.