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Mediatrix of All Graces, Marienfried, Germany, 1946

“Mediatrix of All Graces”

The first supernatural event took place in Marienfried, near Paffenhofen, Germany on April 25, 1946.  Barbara Reuss, age 12, was amazed when an angel appeared to her.  The angel announced that he was “the Angel of the Great Mediatrix of Graces.”  He instructed Barbara to kneel while he introduced a prayer to be addressed to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  This was his prayer:

“Act as the Mother of Grace; act as the thrice miraculous Mother; the thrice admirable Mother of Grace, Thou Great Mediatrix of Graces!”

As the angel recited this prayer, the Blessed Virgin appeared in a brilliant light.

“She was unspeakably beautiful, brilliant, a blinding vision of the most pure light and radiance … Above her head were brilliant rays forming a three-tiered crown.”

Barbara asked, “Who are you?”

The answer: “If I didn’t have a veil, you would recognize me.”  While leaving, Our Lady added, “May Christ’s peace be with you and with all those who will pray here.”  As Blessed Mary raised her hand in blessing, she became as transparent as crystal – and so bright that Barbara was unable to look at her.

The painting of Mary and Jesus in Marienfried, Germany.
The painting of Mary and Jesus in Marienfried, Germany.

The second apparition occurred exactly one month later on May 25 with many people now in attendance with Barbara.  This included the pastor, Father Humf, and his sister.  The Blessed Virgin’s messages emphasized the recitation of the Rosary, devotion to the Holy Trinity, and consecration to her Immaculate Heart.  Our Lady also warned of future events.  Her messages were lengthy, but here are some of the highlights:

“I am the powerful Meditarix of Graces.  As the world can find Mercy only through the sacrifice of the Son with the Father, so can you find favor with the Son through my intercession.  Christ is unknown because I am not known.  It is true that the world was consecrated to my Immaculate Heart, but this consecration has become a fearful responsibility for many men.  I demand that the world live the consecration.”

“I am the sign of the Living God.  I place my Sign on the foreheads of my children (those who consecrate themselves to my Immaculate Heart).  Lucifer will persecute the sign, but my sign will conquer … Substitute my Immaculate Heart in place of your sinful hearts … Fulfill my request so that Christ may reign as the King of Peace.”

“The world will have to drain the cup of wrath to the dregs because of the countless sins through which His Heart is offended.  The devil of the infernal regions will rage more violently than ever and will cause frightful destruction because he knows that his time is short, and because he sees that already many have gathered around my sign.  Over these he has no spiritual power, although he will kill the bodies of many; but through these sacrifices my power to lead the remnant host to victory will increase …”

“Pray, make sacrifices for sinners.  Pray the Rosary – not for external things; weightier things are at stake in these times.  Expect no signs and wonders.  I shall be active as the powerful Mediatrix in secret.”

“Some have already allowed my Sign to be impressed on them; their number will increase.  But I want to tell you, my children, not to forget that the very cross of those bloody days is a grace.”

“The devil will be possessed of such power that those who are not firmly established in me will be deceived … You should establish everything in confidence to my Immaculate Heart.  The devil has power over all people who do not trust in my heart.”

“In secret I shall work marvels in souls until the required number of victim souls will be filled.  Upon you it depends to shorten the days of darkness.  Bishops and priests should consecrate themselves to me … Pray always.  Pray the Rosary.  Keep the Saturdays which have been dedicated to me.”

“It is the will of the Father that the world acknowledge this position of His Handmaid.”

The Shrine in Marienfried, Germany.
The Shrine in Marienfried, Germany.

The third appearance of Our Lady occurred on June 25, exactly one month later, with many others in attendance.

“Bring many sacrifices and offerings to me. Offer your prayers to me as sacrifices.  Be not seekers of self.  That honor be shown to the Eternal and atonement be made to Him is required of these times.  If you consecrate yourselves without reserve, I shall take care of all the rest.  Crosses weighty and deep as the sea I shall lay upon my children, because I love them in my Sacrificed Son.  I beseech you, be prepared to carry the cross that peace may soon be achieved.”

“Apostles and Priests should consecrate themselves to me especially, so that the great sacrifices which the Inscrutable One demands above all from them may, when placed in my hands, increase in sanctity and worth.”

“I have already given many signs and spoken often to the world, but people have not taken them seriously.  On account of these outward signs the greater multitude do not even grasp the essential things.  Outward signs only succeed in distracting many, who do not draw the necessary conclusions from them.”

“I urge my people to fulfill my wishes quickly, because today more than ever such fulfillment of my will is necessary for God’s greater honor and glory.  The Father pronounces a dreadful woe upon all who refuse to obey His Will.” 

Our Lady also underscored the great truth that she is Mediatrix of All Graces.  After the Blessed Virgin ceased speaking, she was suddenly surrounded by an immense number of angels wearing long white garments.  Kneeling on the earth, they bowed deeply and recited a homage to the Holy Trinity.  On its completion, the angel asked Barbara to repeat the prayer.  This was the same angel who had been present during the first apparition on April 25.

Father Humf had suspected that a message or special prayer might be given during this third appearance, so he was prepared to write down whatever was said.  Although he could not know what was happening during the vision, he wrote down the following prayer as Barbara repeated it for him later.  It was what the angel had requested for her to say in prayer.  In a soft, rhythmic voice, Barbara said,

“Praise to You, eternal Ruler, Living God, always Being, fearful and righteous Judge, always kind and merciful Father.  Your radiant Daughter will always worship, praise, honor, and obey you.”

After reviewing all aspects of the apparitions, the Bishop of Augsburg rendered a decision, finally, on March 20, 2000.  The Bishop declared that the faithful are free to conduct pilgrimages and services at the Marian Shrine in Marienfried.