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Ternopil / Lishnya, Ukraine (2003-2005)

Apparitions in Ukraine have taken place in recent times and are similar to other apparitions in the sense that they call us to prayer and conversion and talk about punishment for sins. The apparitions emphasize the great importance of suffering and present interesting information about prophets, who are “created from the Heart of the Lord Jesus and are sent to people in the end times.”

When Ukraine was one of the 15 Soviet Republics, the Church of  Ukraine was persecuted and many people lost their faith. Before the Second World War, Ternopil belonged to Poland, which is the reason this beautiful town also has a Polish name, Tarnopol.

The first apparitions began on the 13th of June, 2003. A nine-year old girl named Yulia was the recipient of visits from Blessed Mary, Lord Jesus, and Archangel Gabriel over a three-year span. Because these events are so recent and remote, there are not many details yet. What have been passed on already are many of the messages from these alleged visits, still not yet approved by the Church.

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Ternopil
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Ternopil

Blessed Mary, Ternopil, April 5, 2004:

“I see your hearts. But not all who present flowers to this Holy Place have the same love in their hearts. Children, you have great envy – but why? The Mother of God and Her children cannot have envy. They should have only obedience and gladness for their neighbor or brother. Please, be frank in your heart so that your lips and heart speak together in the same manner – and then this child will be Mine. Arrogance, betrayal, debauchery, and unruliness prevent your spiritual ranks from praying with the intention of the Holy Spirit. All people seem to pray only in their own human intention.”

“My sweet children, use time for prayer in this Holy Place every day during the time of Holy Week. You should leave everything behind and be only in prayer in serving God. Children you should know that it is not the food on your tables, but your prayers that are waited on by Christ – only prayers with sacrifices in them.”

“When more than 2,500 true pilgrims come here, you will create a power for change in this Holy Land, which was chosen by God as Holy from the day of creating the World. And now it is chosen as a Holy Place for the saving of the whole world.”

Blessed Mary, Lishnya, April 18, 2004:

“Notify all the people in the world about the good news that Christ was resurrected! He gave us and all the people on the Earth eternal life, but only we must believe everything that is given from Heaven.”

Blessed Mary, Lishnya, August 7, 2004:

“You grow spiritually every day, my sweet children. Beginning with the first day of My appearance here, you have prayed every day in this Holy Place of Mine and My Son, your God Jesus Christ. Every day is like a brick with which you build a Spiritual temple in your hearts. I can be proud of you before the Heavenly Father.”

Blessed Mary, Ternopil, April 12, 2005 (ten days after the death of Pope John Paul II):

“I report to you: your Apostolic Vicar is alive, safe, and sound, in great calmness, in full consciousness, and in great sorrow for his human heart. He is in a great holy prayer for you, Faithful Remnant, which is the threaded stone of the Holy Christ’s Faith today – and for the salvation of all human beings on the Earth. You must understand – that place of concealment of Holy Father Pope John Paul II is in My Immaculate Heart – the Heart of the Mother of the Holy Church.”

Inside the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
Inside the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Lord Jesus, Ternopil, June 8, 2004:

“God will never leave His innocent people – especially when people are roaming and looking for Truth. But God sees that it is really impossible to find it anywhere. But children, you have the Holy Book; there are all of the mysteries and laws in it – which are Holy in God.”

“God’s Truth is Holy through the ages from the time of creating the world. Truth, Honesty, and Holy Law. The Book of God is Holy – it is the Holy scriptures. My children, I announced through the ages that each Word in it is Holy. To add something to it or to take Holy from it is impossible, because sin is deathful and death is to each person.”

“All children of this world, you must be wise. Use this time for your salvation, because it is very short. Do not be amused by the kindness of those who are going to decline – who are sent to you by the devil in order to distract you from your salvation. You have so short a time. All of your savings, accumulated buildings and possessions, reserved for the future for your children – that you planned all for yourselves will be scattered by winds of fire on this sinful earth, which will be devastated by the people.”

“I shall give you the kindness of Grace. I shall give you the road of knowledge, the key to closed gates of the heart. I shall open all gates which are yet closed. I shall cheer up all souls. I shall open blind eyes; I shall open impaired hearing of your ears. I shall kindle by pity neglected souls to sincerely pity for your earthly sin. I shall open the mysteries of Holy spiritual life in Truth – which are not opened yet, to all who will come.”

Lord Jesus, Ternopil, March 19, 2005:

“Open the door in your heart in order that I may come and be there. The key to this door of your heart is Holy Confession and sincere repentance with a great pity of your heart for all the sins of your life on the Earth.”

“My Will is in sufferings for your earthly sins: back-biting, betrayal, your earthly glory, unnecessary self indulgences, the human powerless will, and non-productive life on Earth. You must suffer and ask God about the Grace of patience. That is My Will. But your will is to throw away sufferings and to be in Heaven.”

“For the people of the Earth — those who are in ranks and without ranks – the only way to God is salvation. The way without salvation leads to hell. But elected children have only the way to Heaven. They are children – prophets, who were created by God before the creation of the world. These children are Mine from My Heart. These children don’t have fear for truthful Faith. They are children of Love from My Heart. The luxury of life in this world is nothing for them.”

“A loss of mankind is that sign of Punishment from Heaven in the near future, my people. My children, whoever loves Me, carries his cross in suffering and does not complain, who is exhausted in dirty word from human word, who gives his glory to the Glorification of Great God, who suffers humiliations, who does not find relief – I am with you. I send you sufferings, but I also send you strength, grace, and the quiet in your soul.”

Approaching the altar
Approaching the altar

Lord Jesus, Ternopil, May 21, 2005:

“I entrust you from My Holy Heart, to which you consecrate your sweet heart in every coming day of God’s, to spread all over the world the Majesty of Holy Glory of Our Queen of Heaven and the Earth as Our Protectress and Co-redemptrix of the whole world.”

“People who are filled with the Power of My Holy Will are given the Spirit of My God’s Providence. They are filled with joy of the great Holy Glory of God the Father and of God the Son and of God the Holy Ghost. They are filled with the beautiful aroma of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”

“Hurry to all Holy Places untouched by the devil’s power. Ask and beg for forgiveness.”

Lord Jesus, Lishnya, no date:

“Write this last warning! People will see a big cross. It will be seen by the whole world for seven days.”

Blessed Mary, Lishnya, no date:

“Write this, my golden daughter (Yulia), that the end of the era will begin on Easter after Holy Mass.”

Archangel Gabriel, Lishnya, no date:

“People will see their Guardian Angels and also devils. Those who listen to devils will explode in the atmosphere. But those who listen to their Guardians will be saved.”

Lord Jesus, Lishnya, no date:

“The end of the era will last 13 years. Two comets will fall down to the Earth, one of them to the southern part, and the other to the eastern hemisphere into the ocean. Thirty-seven earthquakes will take place. Sinners will explode in the atmosphere and righteous people will be saved in the Holy Places (where Our Lady appeared) in Lourdes, Fatima, Garabandal, Zakarpattya, and here in Prykarpattya – and also in their own houses.
You must cover doors and windows with white material. During this time, electric power and clocks will not work. Simple candles will not give light. Only candles blessed on the Candlemas Day will give some light. After the end of the era, people will return and believe in God; they will also go to the Church. I Bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

The Virgin Mary of Ternopil, Ukraine
The Virgin Mary of Ternopil, Ukraine

Much more information needs to be gathered about these apparitions and their messages. At this time there has been no official disapproval or any official acceptance yet. But some of these final details from this nine-year old Yulia certainly do match specific details from other messages from Garabandal, El Escorial, and Medjugorje.