Photographs for sale (7)

The photographs on this page were taken by John Carpenter.
You can buy reproductions in different sizes:

  • gift-card (4×6) = $5
  • 5×7 size = $8
  • 8×10 size = $10
  • 11×14 size = $15
  • 13×19 size = $20

Please use our order form to place an order, and make sure you know the reference and the size(s) of the item(s) you want to order.

Boat dock, Upper Peninsula, Michigan
Boat dock, Upper Peninsula, Michigan. (Ref. Photo #037)


Superstition Mountain near Phoenix, Arizona
Superstition Mountain near Phoenix, Arizona. (Ref. Photo #038)


Sunflowers near Traverse City, Michigan
Sunflowers near Traverse City, Michigan. (Ref. Photo #039)


Morning Glories
Morning Glories. (Ref. Photo #040)


Lighthouse on Lake Michigan at Charlevoix, MI
Lighthouse on Lake Michigan at Charlevoix, MI. (Ref. Photo #041)


Water Lily in the wild
Water Lily in the wild. (Ref. Photo #042)