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New South Wales, Australia


Geraldine is the wife and mother of a young family.  She is a kind, generous, charitable person who wants to omit her last name from publicity to protect her private life and that of her family.  Father Richard Masin, Father Michael Love, and Father Eugene Szondi have served as her spiritual directors over the years – and approve of her messages and experiences with Blessed Mary and Jesus.  She also received approval and blessings from Bishop G. F. Mayne in her diocese.

At the age of 13 in 1976, she had just lost her sister Karen (12) after a long suffering.  She had asked God to take her instead as she felt her sister was much more talented and worthy of life than herself.  She used to punish herself and cry endlessly because she hated herself and could not bear the pain of the separation from her beloved sister.  One day, as she was crying intensely while lying on her grandmother’s bed, she heard a “beautiful woman’s voice.”  It was soft, loving, gentle – yet very clear and distinct:

            “Stop punishing yourself.  It is not your fault.”

She jumped up in fright because she thought she had been alone in the room.  To her surprise, nobody was there.  Despite the shock and puzzlement, she felt strangely calmed and at peace due to the soothing tone of the voice.  She had blamed God for the death and turned away from Him, so she was not going to pray.  But then the beautiful lady came to her in a strange dream:

“I had a dream that I was with a group of people going to Lourdes, when suddenly I am lost and on my own in what appeared to be a misty moorland at nighttime – yet I can see a grotto at the top of the hill in the distance, so I make my way there.  Inside a cave I see a statue of Our Lady and a kneeler in front of it.  I kneel down to ask Our Lady to help me pray.  As I was trying to pray, something is pulling at my left arm to distract me.  Then I felt a sharp pain in my arm as if something had bitten me.

I turned around to see a huge, black dog.  I cried out to Our Lady, ‘Help me, please, I can’t pray.’  As I look up at the statue, it is gone!  Then, I look to my right and see this beautiful lady standing beside me.  The statue had come to life!  She looked about 18, and she radiated calmness, serenity, and peacefulness; she was so beautiful.  Then she held out her arms very gracefully and looked at the dog, saying, full of love,”

“Come dance with Me, Satan!”

The huge dog spun around backwards so fast that it drilled a huge hole in the concrete ground, and down he went underground in a puff of smoke.  I could see that this dog was terrified of this woman and hated Her.  Then she took me by the hand and walked outside with me.  Then she said,”

“Geraldine, never be afraid to pray.  Good always overcomes evil.”

“When I told my grandmother about the dream the next morning, she became overjoyed, very excited, and dropped to her knees, praising God, and thrilled that the Blessed Mother had appeared to me.  But, I did not really believe this yet and was more worried about grandmother’s health.  Although I had never been to Lourdes or seen any pictures, years later I did see a photo and recognized the Lourde’s grotto as the very same one that I had seen in my dream!”

Geraldine had another dream in which she saw her deceased sister dressed in black.  As she ran to hug her she noted that her sister was upset with her over having had a recent and unresolved disagreement with their grandfather.  Her sister urged her to “go quickly and make up with him.”  Her sister was upset because Geraldine had been selfish and unkind.  The next morning Geraldine told her mother and agreed to go visit grandfather on the next morning.  But grandfather died from a heart attack that very night – and now Geraldine understood her sister’s urgency and why she was dressed in black.  Grandfather then came to her in a few visions, upset and warning her about terrible times ahead for humanity – and angry if she did not believe him.

In 1986 Geraldine was expecting her fourth child and experienced a very difficult and painful pregnancy.  At five months she had an accident and fractured her spine and could not walk for two months, spending weeks in the hospital.  As the difficult birth approached, more pain and troubles occurred.  But nothing was as horrific as the insensitive worker who was rough with her and yelled at her despite her being in excruciating pain.  In desperation Geraldine offered up her pain to Jesus.

Australian visionary who goes by "Geraldine"
Australian visionary who goes by “Geraldine”

“Then all of a sudden, one moment I am lying there (in the hospital) in agony, and the next — I am in a completely different place, standing up free from all pain.  I did not know where I was; I looked all around me and everything was brilliant light.  In front of me to my left I saw a figure of a man, and it was as though the sun was shining from his face, but yet it did not hurt my eyes to look at him.  He was brighter than the sun.  At that moment I felt his great compassion for me, as if he felt sorry for me, and then he said, ‘Do not worry, this person belongs to the Wicked One.’  I knew he meant the nurse who had caused me to suffer much.  Up until this moment in my life, I sometimes wondered if God or Heaven really existed.  Now, in Jesus’ presence I was in awe and remembered thinking, ‘Oh, God, there really is a Supreme Being who watches over the whole earth and sees everything.’  Now I know for sure that there is a God!  Then he said, ‘They are persecuting My people,’ and He raised His right hand as He wanted to punish the wicked people here on earth.  I then felt tremendous anger coming from him and also felt His Almighty Power.  Just as He was about to strike, something from my right stopped Him.  I looked across to see what it was, and I saw a Lady sitting down.  Coming from this woman were oceans and oceans of love.  So much love – a love I have never known.  All the love I have for my family, children, husband, mother, grandparents, relatives, everyone – all this put together is only a tear-drop compared to the love coming from this Lady – and a serenity, peacefulness, and gentleness on the same scale.  Her love was stopping this Man from punishing the world, and I knew I must go through this Lady to get to this Man.  She had a tremendous hold over Him, which was Love.  In this love that I felt coming from Her I experienced the greatest ecstasy and happiness I had ever known.  Then I realized He could refuse Her nothing.  At this moment She said to me, ‘You are going to have a baby girl.  Go back, they need you.’  And I was back in the hospital.”   

In November of 1989 Geraldine received another heavenly gift:

“Many things had been going wrong … I needed my grandmother who had partly raised me and was missing her very much.  I needed advice, and I was still grieving for her (she had died in 1982).  With tears streaming down my face, I was thinking of how we used to talk – and of her loving ways – my heart breaking as I wished she was still here.”

“Then, to my surprise, I heard a woman’s voice speaking inside of me clearly.  She said, ‘I am your Blessed Mother.  I am speaking to you from within.  Your earthly mother is not here with you right now so I have come to comfort you during your trials.  However, your other mother (grandmother) is here with Me.  Would you like to speak to her?’  At that moment I thought I was losing my mind … but yet … I felt peaceful and calm and very comforted and loved by this voice.  So, I said, ‘Yes, I would.”

“The next thing I knew, somehow, I was flying in spirit through the sky.  By my left side was an Angel guiding me, and I felt it was my Guardian Angel – and it was nighttime.  I saw in the distance a city.  As we approached this city, it was like a warm and peaceful Sunday afternoon because there was a holiness about it.  I saw white stone houses with flat roofs and park bench seats outside.  There were people sitting on the seats.  As we got closer, I recognized some of the people.  My grandmother was sitting on the right side and my sister, Karen, opposite her.  My grandmother looked younger, and there was a beautiful glow about her.  I could see she was looking forward to my being with her.”

“Then I found myself looking towards my sister.  It was like looking through a camera as the focus moved from place to place.  My sister looked about thirty years old now; she was twelve years old when she had died.  Yet, her features were the same.  She was beaming and so happy and smiling.  She said, ‘I have someone very, very special here who is really looking forward to meeting you.  Don’t worry, I am looking after her for you.’  At that moment my view shifted down to see that she was holding the hand of a little girl about nine years old.  She had long hair tied back in a ponytail, and she wore a plain gray dress.  I didn’t know who she was.”

“Then my sister said, ‘This is Geraldine Margaret.’  At that moment I nearly fainted with shock.  I felt the hair stand up on the back of my head, and I felt hot, then cold, as I realized it was the little baby I had miscarried nine years earlier, and it was a girl.  I was going to call her Margaret Geraldine after my grandmother, but instead, they called her after me.  Then this experience ended.  As I came out of the room, my husband said, ‘What’s the matter?’ as he could see by the look on my face that something had happened.”

“I cried continuously at the thought of having a daughter and not knowing her.  Again, I was so upset – not knowing what to make of all this.  Again, I heard this beautiful, soft, loving woman’s voice:  ‘Do not be sad at what you have seen.  Rejoice, rejoice, for your Father in Heaven has given you a wonderful gift.’  I stopped crying and was comforted, feeling a great peace.”


November 2, 1991

“My child, Jesus will guide you in all things.  Do not be worried or concerned about anything.  Trust in My Son because He wants only what is best for you.  Dear child, Satan roams around like a roaring lion, waiting to devour you.  Protect yourself, wear holy blessed objects.  Pray, use holy water more, invoke the protection of My Son’s precious blood.  Pray to St. Michael for protection.  Rejoice in the blessings God has given you, as this is pleasing to Him.  Tell all Our sons and daughters of My great love for them.  I only wish to save them – the light of God will shine upon them if they repent.”

February 14, 1992

“Dear children, your Holy Mother speaks to you.  Children so dear to My heart, help Me, please, I beg you, quickly.  I tell you I suffer so much.  Go to everyone you meet and tell them the Lord is coming.  Oh, My children, My sorrow is immense – I see so much catastrophe ahead of you.  Come quickly to Me, all of you, for protection.  Pray, pray as never before.  Help and console one another.  I love you all and want you close to Me to save you from the Evil One who hates you and wants to destroy you and your families.  Receive the Sacraments daily – time is of the essence.  My Son’s wrath is about to come upon the whole world.  Pray, pray, and offer all in reparation.  Pray more, love more, suffer more.  Walk with your Mother the road to Calvary along with My Divine Son, Jesus.  My children, God has sent Me to warn you.  Listen to the voice of the prophets, as you cannot imagine what the Father has prepared for those who offend Him continuously.  Pray, I beg you, for My lost children.  My beloved children who are faithful to Me, console your sorrowful Mother in constant prayer, penance, reparation, and fasting.  I bless you …”

April 4, 1992 (from Jesus)

“Dear daughter, My beloved Mother and I are present; be not afraid, I hold you in the palm of My hand.  We are so very much offended, My child, by the sins of the world.  Oh, how My heart grieves.  Many souls are doomed to perdition.  How it grieves Me to see this.  Console Me, My child, as the pain is unbearable.  Why are they so blind? Why do they not listen to Me and My Blessed Mother, who loves them with a love beyond their imagination?  The greatest joy awaits them in Paradise if only they would repent and turn away from sin.  Oh, the sorrow in My poor Mother’s Heart!  Console Her, My child, as She suffers greatly.  Give some consolation to your Blessed Mother.  My children, why do you deceive yourselves?  Don’t you know that the Kingdom of God is upon you?  Repent now while there is still time.  Weep, My children, for your families, as the earth and Heavens above will shake to their very foundations with a terror the world has never known.  Woe to the wicked as their fate is terrible.  Pray, pray, pray continuously to lessen the punishment as you cannot imagine what God will send.  But, fear not, My blessed beloved ones, who suffer for My sake.  Be not afraid – I will be with you in all things.  Come close to My Sacred Heart, and I will comfort you.  Do all in My name, and I will bless you for this, and the greatest joy shall await you.  You will glorify My Father in Heaven by your sacrifices.  Do much penance, pray, fast, tell My priests I love them, and I suffer for them greatly.  Arm yourselves urgently with My Holy Mother’s Rosary, as the Prince of Darkness is unchained from the abyss.  In the Rosary you will find protection and consolation.  The time is at hand.  My loved ones, comfort one another, pray with and for each other.  Suffer for souls, My chosen one, and the greatest joy in Heaven will be yours for all eternity.” 

The medal requested by the Virgin Mary to be struck in Australia.
The medal requested by the Virgin Mary to be struck in Australia.


April 24, 1992

“My child, I, your Blessed Mother, am present.  Do not be afraid.  Satan cannot harm you as you have My motherly protection.  But you must still arm yourself with prayer, especially My Holy Rosary.  My daughter, please be guided by Me.  Do not be deceived by the world.  My daughter, prostrate yourself before Me and console Me as My heart aches for My children.  My Holy Angels are present in veneration.  I wish to make known through you the sufferings of My Immaculate Heart.  Tell My beautiful children how much I love them and long to teach them.  Oh, My child, the pain in My heart is unbearable.  Help Me, I suffer greatly.  Pray, pray, pray.”

June 11, 1992 (Jesus)

“Oh, My daughter, be silent and know that I am God.  Have I ever abandoned you?  Am I not at this present moment standing by you?  Be not afraid for I am within you.  Have courage, My child, and abide in Me who am all love.  I have not forsaken you.  The torment your soul has suffered is also a purification.  Offer all to My Heavenly Father for all needy humanity.  Beloved daughter, I see you suffer greatly, but do not distress yourself.  I will be your shining light.  You still doubt.  But I understand this and you will grow.  Your Spiritual Director will guide and help you greatly.  What you will suffer now will not last long.  Pray much and offer all, and this trial will pass quickly.  I wish to use you to spread My messages.  Do not worry – I will show you the way.  Just write all that I say for now.  I will sustain you in everything as you are Mine.  You belong to Me and I love you.  I will not let you suffer beyond your capacity.  I must now let My Holy Mother speak as I feel that you need Her more now.”

(Mary:) “My child, do not be afraid.  Satan cannot harm you.  Angels surround you always and especially now.  Turn off your television.  Pray more.  Do not be afraid. I have come to comfort you.  Fear not, little one, and be at peace.  My Son loves you.”

October 7, 1993

“My dear child, tell My Priest sons I am calling them together to prepare to do battle.  The Church and the world are about to be thrown into great turmoil.  Pray very much for the Holy Father (John Paul II), as He suffers greatly for the sins of humanity and is very distressed.  He needs your constant support in prayer.  Tell My sons I have chosen you to give these messages, which is the holy will of My Son.  Prepare humanity now for the greatest battle since time began, which is about to begin.  If you do not heed My warnings, you will not survive the terrible and evil time ahead: torrents of rain, hail, thunder, earthquakes, catastrophes, natural disasters, murders, corruption, incest, immorality, abortions, Priests and Religious losing faith and committing sacrileges against the Holy Name of My Son – these are taking place.  How much more can He take?  He is daily crucified.  Help Me, please.  I cannot hold back the justice of My Son any more.  Please, My sons, prepare now as never before.  I am gathering you now from the four corners of the earth to do battle.  Put on the armor of God daily, and take up your cross and carry it with joy.  Go in peace.”

February 15, 1991

“My children, listen to me – the Lord your God speaks.  Let not your sins be numerous because there will soon be a great chastisement.  Turn back to Me, My children, quickly as Satan is very strong.  This is his kingdom.  He now rules over much of the world, but My Kingdom is coming.  There really is another life.  You are just passing through here.  Do not let the world deceive you – it does not have anything to offer that is lasting.  Store up in Heaven your treasures and soon you will be with Me in Paradise.  Believe, My children, justice will come.  Take refuge in Me.  Do no harm and you will receive a peace this world cannot give you.  Come to Me, My children, and I will give you rest.  The people of this world will hate you as they hated Me before you, but do not fear, My child, I have overcome the world.  Satan is very powerful, My children.  Pray the Rosary often.  This is a very powerful weapon.  Do not concern yourselves with material things.  Live simply and go to church as this is the only time when you are in My Real Presence.  Go to Confession at least once a month with the intention of changing afterwards.”         

February 6, 1995 (Jesus)

“Beloved, I wish to tell you of the great things I have planned for this generation.  Woe to the wicked for their time is over.  They will lie in the streets covered in their blood for the sufferings My children have cried out to Me in vengeance.  I have a great punishment for mankind – the like of which has never been seen before, or will be again.  This will be the very worst of My Judgment.  Terror will sweep the earth.  The love of many will grow cold and cease to exist.  Many will be plunged into Hell.  My Angels are in readiness for this day; they await My word.  The Heavens, My child, will be pierced with the cries of many, but in vain.  I have said, ‘No more!’  This day will come very suddenly.  I wish you to prepare with much prayer and sacrifice, because much will be asked of My chosen children.  The Evil One is poisoning people’s minds, perverting them and causing them to pervert others, inciting them to murder and destroying many before this terrible day.  There will be many innocent victims at this time.  Pray for them and their families.  My beloved, do everything Father tells you on My behalf.  My beloved, the grace of God is upon you and this work.  I am allowing all these things to prepare you for My Kingdom.  Beloved, accept all with love for Me.  The Evil One is trying to destroy your peace.  Offer everything for love of God … Go in peace.”

There are hundreds of more messages given to Geraldine from Jesus and Blessed Mary that cannot be all listed here.  At one point, a medal was requested to be created that would display the Divine Mercy image of Jesus on the front with these words: “He who believes in me will never die / Jesus / The Light of the World.”  The backside of the medal displays the Sacred Heart of Jesus next to the Immaculate Heart of Mary with these words: “Unite the World / The Immaculate Conception and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.”

February 10, 1995 (Blessed Mary)

“My child, this Medal will be for the conversion of many.  Many graces and blessings, healings and spiritual healings will come from the faith people have in this devotion.  The name of this Medal, My child, is ‘The Medal of Divine Mercy.’  I have come to ask for devotion to Our Two Hearts and to My Beloved Son’s Divine Mercy.  Those who ask Us under these titles will receive abundant blessings, and the grace of My Son will be given them.  This devotion will be spread world-wide and will amaze you.  But it is the will and work of My Divine Son, so it will bear much fruit.  Go, My children, and spread this devotion everywhere as it is so necessary for the salvation of the world.  My Son blesses you as do I.  Go in peace.”