Teacher of Young People, Siekierki, Poland, 1943-1949

“Teacher of Young People”
SIEKIERKI, POLAND  (1943-1949)

 There was no church in the Siekierki region during the Second World War, so everybody prayed under a large cross.  On May 3, 1943, Wladyslawa Papis, age 12, was returning home from praying at the cross when she saw Our Lady appearing above a cherry tree.  The girl remembered that she had forgotten her sick uncle in her prayers, so she continued to pray, and Mary watched her and waited.  She begged Mary to take her uncle to heaven if he did not recover.  Mary turned around three times toward the right and disappeared.  It just so happened that this was the feast day for Our Holy Mother, Queen of Poland.

Jesus appeared for the first time on June 28, 1943 at the same cherry tree location and spoke of his great love for people.

On August 31, 1943, one year before the Warsaw Insurrection, the Holy Mother said,

            “Pray — for a severe punishment will come, a heavy cross.  I cannot hold back My Son’s anger if the nation does not convert.  Kneel every day from 12:00 until 3:00 p.m., from   August 6th and ask for forgiveness for all the sins of the world.”

On September 26, 1943, Jesus said, “Do not walk indifferently near churches.  I am waiting for you in the Blessed Sacrament.  I ease every suffering.  I console every dejected heart, if the heart turns to me with the trust and confidence.”

On January 19, 1944, Jesus said, “I am waiting for you, hidden in the tabernacle.  Kneel before the altar and pray.”

On September 8, 1949, Jesus said, “I am wounded by those who insult me.  Make amends for them.”

The original apparitions with an older Wladyslawa Papis
The original apparitions with an older Wladyslawa Papis

On September 15, 1949, the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, the last apparition occurred. Jesus said, “I am with you, but I am leaving now. Pray to My Holy Mother.  She listens to your prayers.  She hears you.”

During the apparitions, the Holy Mother dictated the Litany and the Chaplet and a song.  Both Our Lady and Jesus left many messages for believers.  One time Mary appeared as the Teacher of Young People.

The first chapel at the place of the apparitions was built from 1945 through 1946.  It was opened on May 3, 1946, the anniversary of the first apparition and the Feast of Our Holy Mother, the Queen of Poland.

Mary asked everyone to pray during the 24 hours of the first Friday of each month.  Twenty-four people chose their hours and prayed at home in reparation for sins of the world.  Night vigils would be kept on Saturdays before the 3rd Sunday, analogous to the 3rd of May first apparition.