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Our Lady of Gietrzwald, Poland, 1877


On Wednesday, June 27, 1877, Justyna Szafrynska was coming home from church with her mother, having just passed the Catechism exam.  Just as the evening church bell rang, the Holy Mother appeared between two withered boughs.  She had long hair.  The Child Jesus descended from Heaven in white-yellow clothing and came to rest on the left side of his mother, Mary.

The second apparition occurred on June 28th to two girls, Justyna Szafrynska and Barbara Samulowska.  The “beautiful lady” appeared above a maple tree near the church, sitting on a throne with the Child Jesus and surrounded by angels.  Jesus held a brilliant ball with a small cross at the top.  Mary was crowned by the angels.

Visionaries are in awe of the appearance of Blessed Mary in Gietrzwald
Visionaries are in awe of the appearance of Blessed Mary in Gietrzwald

During the third apparition on June 30th, Justyna asked what Mary required of them, and Mary replied, “Pray the Rosary every day.”

The fourth apparition happened on the day of Justyna’s first Holy Communion, July 1st.  When Justyna asked who she was, Mary replied, “I am the Most Holy Virgin Mary Immaculately Conceived.”

The fifth visit happened on July 3rd.  The girls asked Mary if sick people would be healed.  Mary indicated that a miracle would happen, and, after that, sick people would be healed.  Mary implored for sick people to pray the Rosary.

Our Lady of Gietrzwald, Poland
Our Lady of Gietrzwald, Poland

On July 28th the girls asked her about swearing falsely.  Mary replied that Satan induces those to do this, and that such a person does not deserve to go to Heaven.

The seventh visit was on August 1st.  Barbara asked about when the “orphaned parishes” might be receiving priests.  Mary said that zealous prayers will help.

The eighth visit happened on September 8th.  Holy Mary blessed a spring of water and then declared, “Now the sick people can take this water for their healing.”

The ninth and last apparition took place on September 16th, 1877.  At 5:00 p.m. Mary blessed a statue of herself in a small chapel.  After that she blessed all the people who asked for it.

She parted with these words, “Pray the Rosary zealously!”

The sanctuary where Our Lady's painting hangs today.
The sanctuary where Our Lady’s painting hangs today.IF

These apparitions were fully approved by the Holy See a hundred years later in 1977.